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Got out of presentation today - but what about tomorrow?!

Well I haven't felt good today, but I'm pretty sure the cause of that is from being super anxious and nervous about a presentation we were supposed to do in science class today.

So I went to the nurse and ended up getting my father to pick me up because i was getting pains in my stomach and felt really shakey and hot/warm.

I was really relieved that I wouldn't have to go to science class and do that slideshow group presentation.

But what's bad is that I'm gonna have to do it eventually. I'm guessing tomorrow, I still feel sick from thinking about it, but my parents definitely aren't allowing me to stay home tomorrow unless i'm throwing up real sick, you know.

Urgh I just really don't wanna do it!! I'm not worried about my blushing & red face anxiety symptoms since it'll be dark in the room since it's on a powerpoint slideshow on an overhead. So I'm mainly nervous about my voice shaking, as always, which people notice. And we're reading from index cards to guide us and my hands always always shake when I hold them, and it's embarassing. And we have to make good eye contact or else we'll loose quite a bit of points.

I'm so worried and stressed!!
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re: Got out of presentation today - but what about tomorrow?

I remember a presentation I had to give in a cooking class. All I had to do was prepare a simple desert in front of the class, but I was soo nervous. I just wanted to die rather than go through with it. But somehow I stumbled my way through it. I was so nervous during the presentation that a drop of sweat dripped down my face. Ugh!
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I hate presentations and think they are pointless, although usually when it's over it feels like a huge weight was taken off my back. For the whole eye contact thing, my teachers seem to be understanding of me and don't dock too much off, probably depends on the teacher. I suggest trying to get it out of the way, becuase you don't want your partners mad at you for not showing up.

Good luck
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I feel your pain. I remember back in High School when we had to do those presentations - was not a great experience.
Was so glad knowing that I woudn't have to do anymore after high school and university. How wrong was I.

I have been pencil'd in for a 45 minute presentation for work this Monday
Shaking just thinking about it.
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Presentations are hell on earth for me and most SAer's

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." -- Whitney Young Jr.
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Originally Posted by Noca
Presentations are hell on earth for me and most SAer's

A lot of times, it's the anticipation that's more torture than the actual presentation, I know it is for me. At least you're in a group situation and not standing up there by yourself. How did things turn out today?

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