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Getting laid off...

So as some of you know, I work in a Call Centre. There are two floors in our building devoted to the same credit card company. Each floor is a diff. department of the company. The floor above us had their contract ending a couple months from now and it's been renewed every year except this year. THey were just told they weren't going to have their jobs soon but SOME of them would come down to our floor as our contract isn't up until December. We were told by our managers that our job is safe as they were told by the Credit card company that we were doing 'outstanding' and we were the only call center in North America that is in this department.

Anyways, those agents a couple weeks ago were led to believe that they were going to have jobs for some of them.

And of course today, we all got a letter stating that our floor is also going to be laid off. So that's about 200 people for this one credit card company is laying us off and there are no jobs so far for any of us. We were told that sometime between now and November, our jobs would be phased out. So we don't know who's gonna leave first, when, etc. Apparently we're not getting compensation for this either (as a friend was told by her boss here).

What get's me is that this American Credit card company said the ONLY...and I repeat...ONLY reason they can't keep us on is that our Canadian dollar is too high. Yup, that's it. Their loss really 'cause right now I'm a 'senior account manager' which is basically an agent on the phone who can do EVERYTHING. So all departments in the company transfers to us for different reasons. For the past few weeks that I've been taking these types of calls I've realized the other departments don't know jack. The call centre replacing us in Colorado and even though they were basic customer relations they still don't know anything. It's insane. They don't even know how to add up transactions on a statement. I'm not exaggerating, I've had to walk the agents through stupid things like that.

So I'm not really sorry that this credit card company is going to have to deal with that incompetence. They're going to lose a lot of business because of this. I mean, they're getting rid of the agents that worked in two of their departments the longest.

I've been laid off before though and it sucks. I'm still looking for work but there were literally only 5 jobs I could apply for this week and three of them were effin' call centers which I really don't want to work at. On top of that, it's really hard no to tell customers right now to go F themselves.

Seriously, this afternoon, I get the letter, sit down to start the day. Take my first call and the guy's screaming at me. I was so close to telling him to F off.

I also find the way the company went about lying to us was horrible. They apparently told a woman I know that when they were told upstairs about their layoffs, they were also told we'd be laid off too. Two weeks ago. BEFORE we were promised there would be no lay offs for our department. So yeah, we were deliberately lied to. It just makes me soooo angry and now I'm annoyed because I hate looking for work and I feel like I've done a lifetime's work of job hunting.

Blockbuster also is closing soon and there are several locations in my city so that's a lot of jobs...then Bell Canada (phone company) call center just laid off 100 people. I feel like there are now hundreds more people competing for the same s***y jobs.


I just needed to vent...
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I know you wanted to, but its probably better that you didn't tell the guy screaming at you to F off. Agreed?
Maybe, the best way to deal with these kinds of customers is to perhaps find some sort of humor in them?

Yeah its frustrating and I hate looking for work too.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people are full of doubts. (Bertrand Russell).
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