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*GAME*My Social Anxiety Was So Bad...*GAME*

My social anxiety was so bad I ate lunch in the bathroom for two years of high school.

[OK, now the next person's response should start: My social anxiety was/is so bad...]

The point of this is to show other SA sufferers that they are not alone.
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MY social anxiety was so bad, I ALSO ate lunch in the school bathroom, so regularly that people must have thought I was an incredibly .....driven person.

One day I was in there, eating and I heard a banging from the room next door. I opened the cubicle door I wan in and went to investigate. The washroom door parallel the boarders used to shower was rumbling, vibrations evidently coming from the other side. I knocked on the door; the rumbling stopped. "Who's in there!?" I asked. When I got no reply I kicked it in interrupting the school serial-wanker Etienne de-Longviliay mid-flow, trousers fully down and EVERYTHING hanging out. I nearly hurled! The image of that short, fidgeting little form still haunts me each time I close my eyes. Possibly one of the reasons I don't sleep well anymore lol.

I don't leave the house unless for college or a club. I don't talk to anyone unless they talk to me on the way there. I have my one on one(incredibly boring) tutorial and I travel the same dejected journey back again. "That's my life and it's ending one minuite at a time."
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My social anxiety was so bad, I used to fall asleep in high school classes 3-7 times a day because i would be so wiped out from anxiety. Yes i got 6-8 hours of sleep at night. No, 1 more hour would not have made a difference.

Im taking a hiatus before college because i believe i have the power to muster up the motivation to beat SA.
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My SA was so bad that in high school at the end of the day, I'd deliberately walk really slowly to the train station so that I wasn't stuck on the platform with class mates, which resulted in me missing my train, so I had to wait for the next one sometimes 20 minutes later.
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Who has Social Anxiety
This site is not a competition - it's not about whose particular brand of SA is the worse, who suffers more than whom, or who has the right to call their problems Social Anxiety. The belittlement of others' suffering will not be tolerated.

It is ironic, how often one comes across an atheist with a "holier than thou" attitude.
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