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Frustrated people cant hear me

I'm a soft spoken person, plus i have an irish accent.I work at my local Walmart in the produce department, and i get frustrated people at work cant seem to make me out.They always say "sorry?" or "what"? My social anxiety seems to be linked somehow with speaking to people {i fear speaking to people}, a simple thing of saying hi to a co worker can give me alot of inner anxiety.I have this feeling of dread when i enter my department, even though i seem to be well liked by my co workers.I seem to find it hard to ask them " how are you" or even a basic "hi" sometimes.I worry it will come out weak or incomprehensible.More often then not i ask them questions , like how was your weekend, and sometimes they say "what"? and i have to repeat myself.I feel as if im frightened to speak up,or if i speak louder i will shout or seem like im being an A hole to them.I can laugh and joke with some of them though but i still feel this sense of at any moment i will say something dumb or they wont understand how i said something or other.One of my co workers, sometimes humerously says to me "hey F you", he doesnt mean it but i feel awkward about what to say so i just smile.If i was to say "hey **** you too" and if it came out in a serious tone, would he get offended? Which would not be my intention at all.

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they're so jelous of your awesome voice that they say "what?" just so they can get you to say it again! =]

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Dont reply back to the guy unless he says Hi or somthing more common than hey [email protected]@ you. Wether you feel he doesnt mean it or not, wait untill a common expression comes out of his mouth.
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i'm very soft spoken too. have you ever considered seeing a speech therapist? i have been and it's helped me quite a bit.

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