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Originally Posted by Paul View Post
Lots of ancestrally-Asian Californian families have been in California for 150+ years, and don't feel any ethnic identity toward where their great-great-great-great-grandparents lived (which may also have been spread across several countries or continents)... and obviously can't provide any travel advice about the ancestral homelands either. Unfortunately, being a visible minority means a lot of people assume they're from somewhere else.

Perhaps your problem is you don't understand the word you used. You don't have Irish nationality just because you had ancestors in Ireland hundreds of years ago.
^ This

Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
This is something that bothers a lot of people especially Asian Americans. It's because unlike other minority groups like black people they get asked that constantly and treated like they're an outsider in their own country.
And This

Also the way race works in the USA. Is pretty strange... SJWs and certain modern liberals love to complain about "White privilege" and "Whiteness". What they don't realize is that "Whiteness" is a great equalizer that allowed Europeans immigrants to assimilate and become "American".

Although the notion of physical race had always been present in Europe ( eg: Europeans have physical traits that overlap with each other as opposed to Sub-Saharan Africans). The notion of ethno-states was more important up until the end of WW2 with the decline of nationalism.

Picture a group of Europeans from 1930 discussing their nationality.

Frenchman: "I am French"

Italian: "I am Italian"

British: "I am British"

Spaniard: "I am Spanish"

Portuguese: " I am Portuguese"

German #1: " I am German"

German #2: " I am German too"

German #1: " You're not German!"

German #2: " What do you mean? I speak German as does my family and we have lived in Germany as far as I can recall. As a matter of fact my Dad died in the trenches fighting for Germany in WW1"

German #1: " You're a Jew ! You will never be fully German!"

German #2: " ..."

Such notions mattered very little in the States. A German Jew could immigrate to the States and become American and have the same privileges as other Americans under the protection of the new " Pan-European" / "White" concept . In other words once you were in the US you became American you were no longer a * insert offensive word for Pole*, * insert offensive word for German*,* insert offensive word for French*, * insert offensive word for Irish*, etc...

This was not always the case however. The founding fathers had very different beliefs:

One aspect that a lot of this SJWs seems to forget is that non-WASP Whites had it pretty hard during the late 1800s :

^ Notice the depiction of the Irishman holding the knife. And the epitaph below below stating that they are incompatible with American values

^ Catholic church in Maine frequented by French- Canadians set ablaze amidst Anti-Catholic/ Nativist sentiment

I wonder what the ancestors of the SJWs would say about their white privilege which they had to earn with blood and tears...

"Existence well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future,
The present is well out of hand"

― Ian Curtis
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I would not go near Tinder. I met one woman on Tinder a few years ago and slept with her one time, she was very shady and i am convinced would have robbed my apartment potentially one day if the opportunity presented itself. Tinder is less safe than craigslist personals when that even existed. Tinder you basically need a Facebook profile and that is it. The girl I messaged just met me immediately and didn't ask questions. Tinder is the most dangerous because at least on craigslist you can message someone and get real responses. Tinder i am convinced is for free sex for both parties, but you don't know who you are dealing with. People lie on profiles on Plenty of Fish or other real dating sites, but at least they bothered to fill out profiles and have decent pics. Tinder to me is scary as hell and I think it is just the lure of free sex, but the downside is, the characters you meet will probably be shadier overall than even free dating sites. Even if someone has a horrible profile on a dating site or you see someone else's horrible profile, at least if someone takes the time to fill out a real profile, that at least shows they most likely are not shady or trying to set you up.

Meeting in public is the best way, if not just try a dating site like plenty of fish that is free. You could meet a quality person on Tinder, just very very unlikely.
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