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Fired From work/Girl @ work, just need advice

Ok so i got a new full time job, and ive been in retail for about 5 years (only 2 days a week casual), ive done the full time job for 3 weeks now and just did the retail work on saturdays. Dismorning a lady called from work and the convo went like

Her: "Sam, instead of doing each saturday do you just want to do every 2nd saturday, you have full time work now so it must be pretty hard"
Me: "No its all good, on saturdays i got nothing to do, ill do every 2nd saturday, i dont mind"
Her: "Are you sure, you must be pretty busy, do you really want to"
Me: "Yes i guess so"
Her: "What do you mean you guess so, do you want to or not?"
Me: "Yes!"
Her: ". . . . ok then . . so come in next saturday"

The whole time she sounded nervous . .and i only do 5 hours on saturday . . so thats 5 hours every 2nd saturday, sounds like a nice way of trying to say "your fired", is this my SA or does this sound correct?

Sorry for the rant but a girl has been at my work now for about 3 weeks, ive talked to her a few times, but have been too scared to ask her out or anything, yet i searched her full name on google and have her Bebo account details, if I did quit which it sounds like they want me to, would it seem creepy if i added her to Bebo . . and when she asks how i got it id have to tell her i searched her name on Google

I got no idea, but if i did quit and did this the worst that could happen is i get rejected online and id never have to see her again . . im so confused
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Re: Fired From work/Girl @ work, just need advice

I don't think you should take the Saturday thing personally. She might have someone else there who she knows is struggling financially or something and was trying to give them more work.

I didn't quite the thing about that girl. Why don't you talk to her in person first?
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Re: Fired From work/Girl @ work, just need advice

There could be a lot of reasons why she was cutting back your hours. Telling someone you searched their name on google is kind of creepy. I would ask her in a casual convo if she goes to any internet sites like facebook for example. Maybe she'll tell you that she's a member of that bebo site, and then you can say that you're a member as well.
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