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felt bad at work, not sure if i got rejected

Have been trying hard to joke around with this girl I like at my work. Doing the best I can with severe SA. At one point she was asking for my numbers regarding a form and I started reciting my phone number with a smile, she didn't say anything for a few seconds and then said "I don't need your phone number." At that point I kinda shut down. Really wish I would have made a joke or something..Of course in retrospect there's a million things I could have said. I myself have been in situations where I want to do something but out of anxiety I simply blurt something out that might not even be true. She is a bit quiet and reserved as well so, yeah, guess I'll never know if she was just nervous, actually didn't want it, etc. Thing is when she said she didn't need it she kinda had a "twinkle" in her eye. Idk. She doesn't strike me as the kind of girl who gets hit on a ton. She is very plain looking and seems kind of tom boyish, doesn't wear make-up, etc. Probably just avoid her, save myself the disappointment.
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