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Feeling constantly ostracized?

Does anyone else ever feel like people treat them a certain way for being quiet/not saying much? About two months ago I got a new job in the food service industry (as someone with social anxiety I could not have picked a worse industry to work in) and I felt like everyone was criticizing me for not saying much and it's not like this has happened in this job alone, it's happened basically my whole life. I'll admit I am a VERY quiet and closed off person because of my Social Anxiety Disorder and most of the time when I meet a new group of people I can go hours without saying a single word. Anyways, I ended up quitting my job but it just makes me really nervous for when I start uni next week. Already looked at the course outline for one of my classes (a seminar class) and the prof said she'll take off marks for students who are quiet and don't say anything during discussions. I just don't want to be in a position where I consider ending it all because people are picking on me for being quiet. Any tips?

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I'm in the same boat as you so I don't really have any good tips, just based off my experience...I haven't been to an actual college campus so I'm not sure how this works...do you know the discussion topic beforehand? If you do, it might help to write something down that you want to talk about. That way it's scripted and might be less pressure on you? I hope that's possible. I'm thinking of going back to school and I would definitely drop out if I had to be put on the spot all the time. Maybe see if there are accommodations available to you if you can find a therapist/doctor that will write a note or something? Another thing that might work (it has worked for me on/off in the past) is pretending school is an acting gig and you are playing a socially confident student. I know it sounds dumb but it might be worth a shot.
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Just ask questions when you have them. That should be engaging enough.
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omg, yes. Try also being a freak brain retard like me autism and schizophrenia, whatever I say is always WRONG oh so wrong (which also makes it ok to treat me like sh*t), when I'm quiet I'm an "evil terminator robot, ready to snap" (coined from a former a-hole boss).
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As for how to behave, like the people of this video, search YouTube for "Coca-Cola | Eyes Closed" (can't post direct link).
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A lot of people here feel the same.
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