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Father refuses to take 10 minutes to save some money.

Just needed a place to vent my frustration.

I'm trying to help my father switch his cell phone plan in order to save money. He would save $15 a month and retain an equivalent level of service. I just need him to be there in person in the store for maybe 10 minutes and I would take care of everything. But he refuses to go and says $15 a month is chump change, and that his free time is more valuable than that.

It really frustrates me why he would not want to do something so small and save money easily where it can be saved.
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Seriously , never serious
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Time for him is more valuable and I agree .
And it's never just 10 minutes , more like an hour at least

. WTF is wrong with me

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my dads like that too, he keeps enrolling in these shady business that have all these hidden charges. I keep telling him to inform me first before he enrolls in anything but he never listens... but that is weird why he would not take the time to save 15 bucks a month, thats like 180 a year. are the services exactly the same? maybe he likes some of he features that the new carrier doesnt have?
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Nope, its the same. He's very basic, just needs talk. His justification is he makes $300 a day, why would he need to save the $15 a month.
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Some people are just like that, and so what. It's not your money, if he really doesn't want to go through it, it's whatever. I used to find myself mad at what other people do (or not do) but then I realize, all I can do is push them in the direction that I find is right. It's not my choice whether or not they follow through with it. And I also wondered, what benefit would it be for me if I got mad over this? None what so ever...
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Originally Posted by ChoirBoy1 View Post
his cell phone plan
I get your frustration, but "his" is a very key word here.

It may not be frugal of him to do, but eh. If 15 bucks is chump change to him I wouldn't pay it any further mind.
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It's only a few dollars a week - so I can see why he probably couldn't be bothered changing it.
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Honestly if I was making that much money, I wouldn't care either.
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