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Facebook...woes well sort of

I'v never had a problem with facebook.i made friends.losts even more probably mostly from being unfriended i never really thought about it and only would notice when i log on and see i had less friends than i had two weeks ago.i didn't know the people that unfriended me anyway.and was not in tears over it at all.

This is kind of stupid but i friended this person.i got a message from him seemed more like a come on.something i hate.but i ended up sending him messages about nothing in particular.just the hi how are you today kind of thing.no romance at least not on my part.

eventually he asked did i have a boyfriend.i said no.and asked did he have a girlfriend only because he asked me.he said he didn't because he wanted to concentrate completely on college.he's from over sea's so maybe they really take education ultra seriously over there.i say this only because most college students do date.

so i just said i thought he was motivated.and that i liked him. so sent two messages later on and got completely ignored.:ono reply

i think i may have neglected to say i like you in a friendly way.and just said like.i think he may have perceived it as i really liked him
anyways i suck at making friends i am not a people magnet at all.i think i tend to come across badly are my personality sucks maybe both.

he's the one that approached me with the your beautiful thing .but i really hate having people dislike me at least without reason.i'm so trying to start interacting with people better.but am not doing a good job.i generally tend to be shy and quiet a habit i really really hate.

facebook is not really a place to make friends i think.actually going out and meeting people is probably a better idea(which i do).i don't feel like deleting my account and going into hiding are anything.just i'll be going on a lot less i usually only go on for the games anyway(i love frontier ville).

but being completely ignored for no apparent reason would make anyone feel lousy i think

anyone have any opinions?
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Thats why I don't even have a Facebook. I would break down and cry if someone deleted me from there friends list for no reason. Seriously. I"m such a cry baby lol But maybe you should just play the games on FB. Screw the people on there. Just have fun playing the games, don't worry about haveing the most friends, and status up dates, ect, don't really bother accepting friend requests, messaging back. Thats what I would do. Maybe set all the your stuff to private so it's harder to find you? Idk lol

But I'll admit it, I HAVE tried setting a Facebook account up, but it only lasted about a week before I lost all intrest in it. And I never caught on to the farm villie games, but everyone is addicted to them! Hmm..
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well he didn't unfriend me he just isn't saying anything to me.which is no better.and your absolutely right.
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Facebook Buddy

Well I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions. Give it some time. Maybe he had other things he needed to do. Or maybe he has anxiety himself...
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You never know, he may have SA too. Friends and I will message back and forth, and then I'll stop. I don't know why i do that. But I do. I guess i'm not used to having conversations with these people, and I kind of freeze up. He may be shy or anything. Give it time, he may come around. If not, you didn't need him in the first place and your very pretty, you'll find someone else!

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I HATE Facebook. My closest friends do the whole, listing their friends as family thing and I'm never one of them. It sounds so petty but it just makes me feel as though I'm invisible.

But anyway, my friend had the exact same problem and she was worrying for weeks that she may have scared him away. Turns out he was nervous himself and didn't know how to reply.
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Yeah, he might be a little nervous himself. I would say don't give up. But facebook has always kind of freaked me out. Why? I have no idea. When I get on there and actually talk to people, I really do enjoy myself. But I am just so used to feeling left out of everything that most of the time, I don't even bother getting on there.

I was messaging a guy once and he stopped replying to me after I said he was cute... he has always been really nice to me when I talked to him and it was kind of odd... I just figured that maybe he had to go somewhere, had something to do. Oh well.
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I've had that kind of approach happen to me about 2-3 different times, the whole "you're beautiful/very attractive" thing, and I just talk a bit and say hi, that sort of stuff. Eventually after one of us stopped replying to the other (not malicously) I sorta moved on from it because it didn't bother me as much because I didn't know them in real life(apart from one of them). I hadn't been defriended though.

As others have said there may be something occupying the guy's mind or time so he hasn't replied yet.

"Hold your own, know your name, and go your own way, and everything will be fine" - Jason Mraz, Details in the Fabric
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