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Originally Posted by Disheveled and Lost View Post
I can tell you about Burce. Burce is Bruce Lee's sidekick, a martial artist who you know nothing about. Tell me about your life? I would love to hear this. I don't think I had such an amazing life, because you can get used to anything and get jaded. At the same time, I live in a rich area in NYC and at least i took advantage of NYC and everything it had to offer. I would love to learn more about you, because i want to help you. I can see that you so far have posted thousands upon thousands of messages and revealed nothing about yourself and post 5-10 word responses in every post. Sounds almost like a waste of time to me. If you are going to be on the site and post regularly, why not get the most you can out of it? Sounds like you are not opening up about anything or getting anything out of this site. I want to help you. You are more of a lost soul than I am, I believe, because you refuse to help anyone on the site or ask for help. Maybe you need a new site no offense because it doesn't sound like you are contributing to this site. I at least when I do rarely sign on try to actually give thought out answers, I know, a concept that is foreign to you. You type literally on a 5th grade reading level, so I guess it will be impossible to get through to you. Ready for your next 6-word reply, not just to this message, but on about 15 other threads you posted on today. it's ok, CONTRIBUTE! No one can fix your problems if you don't admit you have any. I am an open book and will actually try to help you
Good boy. Please keep talking ****, you're making yourself look like a dumbass.
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Originally Posted by Suchness View Post
Good boy. Please keep talking ****, you're making yourself look like a dumbass.
Look at your own limited vocabulary and weak teenage boy-level insults. You know I owned you in every point I made, don't lose any more hair and sleep over it. haha
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