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Someone tried once but I figured I couldn't win because I had a disadvantage. My mate has the ability to get people go berserk just by looking at them, his eyes get really big and people get offended. So 4 I think guys and girls came to him to slap him and push him. He never reacted he just let it happen and so did I because there was this really big guy standing guard my site in case I would go for the counterattack, plus I sat on a bike so any movement by me to get off would result in a barrage of fists to my face. Anyway the leader the gang tried to pump me up by taunting me " are you letting your friend get beat up man?" and stuff like that. I said "well what can I do with your fat friend standing in front of me"? I really tried to avert their attention to me but surprisingly they didn't took the bait and they continued slapping my friend.
If this would happen now I'd go insane and I'd throw everything I have in me at them but I was only 12 years or so and they were older.

I usually put up a big mouth and when I do that I also look extremely calm and collected so I've never been attacked really, I guess it makes an impression.

Also once in a bar a guy deliberately took my friends beer and spill it over him, since my friend didn't react too much. I decided too push the ******* away, immediately I was surrounded by 4 guys but then the bouncers came over and threw them out. Again for some reason I was pretty calm and I actually thought I had a chance to at least beat one or two of them before going down lol. I don't know why I have that confidence in those situations at all, I'm a light weight and have no self confidence yet I think I have the ability to seriously harm anyone who decides to fight me lol
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Yeah that's why I got kicked out of school. Basically someone slapped me and at first I wasn't bothered but my friends were like go and knock him out lol. So I punched and kneed him and then slammed his head between these two doors a few times and he had to go to hospital. I felt bad after. I'm terrible at fighting which shows how crap the other guy was lol

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No its not for me

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