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Even making progress is making me depressed.

Today at work they randomly asked me to train two future managers in a specific job. Mind you I'm not a manager, I'm not a trainer, I'm just a regular worker.

They chose me because I do that specific job the best, I didn't ask or want to train anyone. Anyway they just threw me in to train people without any warning.

I've trained people before, but not higher ups. I was specially nervous because the managers at work tend to be social butterflies.

Anyways. I got throughout it. I wasn't very anxious, but my terrible social skills definitely showed. My voice is naturally low so they had a hard time hearing me. I had a hard time explaining things well. I felt like I was running out of breath everytime I went into detail to explain something.

Things went well (from the perspective of a person with SA), but I feel like a failure. I feel like I didn't do a good job because of my ****ty social skills, and low confidence.

I'm really anxious of going back in to work tomorrow. I feel like they will think "oh there's that loser who can't speak to save his life. "

I've improved a lot over the past few years, but I feel like I will always have a quiet voice, no confidence, and will always run out of things to say.
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You're overthinking. I've trained manager trainees in certain roles before too. As long as you aren't a condescending prick or otherwise inappropriate most people you train just want to get it over with as much as you do.

Like you said, they sorta threw people at you and nobody is a fan of that, regardless of their social skills. Just keep improving.

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