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Drivers license office makes me anxious

Here they call it the Secretary of State office. I just hate going there. My anxiety goes up the minute I get the form in the mail saying I have to go to the office to renew. You can renew once by mail but have to go in person the second time which was for me now. I develop symptoms just thinking about going there. I finally went this morning after putting it off for a week. My main symptoms is shaking esp my hands even taking the Atenolol which I take for my blood pressure and essential hand tremors. I can't hardly can sing my name in this little box they give you.

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I don't think there's a person alive, with anxiety or without, that dreads that hellhole. I have to go there later this year and I'm not looking forward to it because the attendants are so mean looking i feel like they are judging me with their eyes.

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