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I’m 23 and I recently just got my drivers license. It was a huge step for me. While I like the idea of being free, I still have bad anxiety when I’m driving, and I’m also not a good driver at all. I just feel so much better when I’m home in my room where nothing can make me feel bad. I make a good amount of mistakes when driving bc my anxiety impacts my memory/concentration. Tbh I’m surprised I passed my test at all. I do like the idea of driving but when I get in the car, I don’t enjoy it bc of my anxiety. It’s like I have to reach my destination in order for me to feel okay, which isn’t fun because I’d love to be one of those people who goes on drives for fun. I’m trying to feel better about it and get myself out there, but it’s really difficult to motivate myself when I feel terrible about everything and second guess or overthink everything.
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So I just impulsively drove to a drive thru for the first time and I was dissociated but there was barely anyone on the road which was nice. I’m still shaking though ugh. I just wish that I could handle and deal with things normally.
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Congrats! I hate driving too. It’s a huge chore. The good thing is that almost everything is remote now because of the coronavirus, so we were born in the right time. In the future we won’t need to leave our houses at all. Drive as slow as you want even if people tailgate or beep at you. That’s what I do.
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I think with time you will feel more comfortable. I used to be really anxious about driving when i first started. But now long distances feel okay. You have to give yourself time to adjust and get accustomed to the feel of it. (I still rather get driven places)
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Congrats I just got a car and driving for the first time alone, I'm right with you.

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I hate driving and haven't driven for over 10 yrs now. After getting license I drove around for a year thinking I would ultimately feel comfortable but that didn't happen. It is very mentally draining.
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I can't recall way back when I got my license. I think since I lived out in the country, I had no choice but to drive, so likely didn't have anxiety for very long. It will go away eventually I suspect. I have a hour 15 minute commute to work every morning. I just pop my car on cruise control and crank up the SiriusXM radio and drank my coffee and next thing I know, I'm at my destination.

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Congrats on the license. You will get used to driving. Keep doing it.
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I remember back in the day when I thought it was so cool that some people could mess with the radio and eat all while driving. I mean ok.. distractions are bad. But that type of relaxation and confidence while driving just seemed so out of reach for me.
I was a really nervous driver and couldn't imagine doing any of that. Just driving and trying not to wreck my car (or my moms car).

Now years later I can do all of it. And I drive for fun. Actually i've reached the point where driving is a chore now. Driving to work or the store is a real bummer now. Rather have someone drive me.
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Congrats on getting your DL! Driving can be a bit stressful since you have to deal with random incidents, mother nature, and other people. But it beats walking usually! Everyone is going to have a few close calls. That's normal. Just keep your head up, be alert, and drive defensively to avoid accidents and you'll be fine.

Honestly, I enjoy driving when I know where I'm going and am familiar with the roads. Especially the windy ones through the countryside where there aren't many cars. Those are fun drives.

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