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Does this guy want to date me?

So I went out once with a guy back in July 2019. After we met up, he followed up with me right after & the following week checking in on me. He’s on my snap and views my stories, I posted a story for Valentines Day and he responded. He wished me a happy Valentine’s Day. Why is he following up again? He’s socially awkward but it’s kinda odd in my opinion. He spoke a bit on Vday but the convo was very brief and dull. He asked how I was doing and hoping that I am having a good day. Friendly gesture or trying to make himself known?

FOLLOW UP: He sent me a snap yesterday , a picture of food. I asked if this was sent as a group message and he said no. We spoke a bit, he was asking how my day was going etc
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Originally Posted by YouTube comment
Yet another man lost to irony poisoning, cynicism, hyper-self awareness and the inability to be sincere.

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He wants to have your babies, I can sense these things, my virgin senses are tingling.

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Hell yes!! If this guy is still messaging you, he totally wants you.
I guess you could ask him out on a date? See how he responds.

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I mean you can't pick up vibes from snapchat or any online form of communication. You could just say whatever and give him your number and say text me sometime, then like don't message him or any contact for a week or more, leave it in his court completely. Then if he texts you act flirty. I would not judge anything really based on snapchat unless he directly asked you out over that site.

The problem today is that everyone feels like they have millions of options for dates, when in actuality people's options are more limited. You really have to stand out from the other drecks you are competing against in the dating world, on dating sites or in real life or other social media
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