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I dont hate but I cant think of anything more boring to talk about tbh.

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I don't care. It falls under the category of "things I can't do anything about". I also find it boring as ****, so there is that.

I have been trying to explain to H for months now why "I am not a feminist" despite fundamentally thinking men and women have equal rights, blah. Because it's a social identity. Accepting a social identity compromises you. It creates an in-out group and all of those ridiculously well established biases will totally **** up your thinking. She stated this was "semantics" until I pointed out all of the research on social identity.

The same goes for politics. People literally self identify as a group (right or left). Which is absurd, as it basically pigeonholes you into in and outgroup thinking. Honestly, politics is like being a spectator in a football match, it creates conflict, and you have literally less control over what happens (in a football match the players might at least hear you shout something).

Politics is about as important as football, and football is just stupid.

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I gave up watching the news a few years ago. Politics, sport, it all bores the hell out of me.

If anything important happens, like a war somewhere for example, I generally seem to hear about it from someone else eventually.
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One side regularly violates the Constitution and laws, and makes up crap about the other side.

The other side has no spine and refuses to fight back.

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