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Basically none of my memories outside of isolation have been positive. Not even exaggerating. The past 2 decades have taught me that the outside world is one of pain, exploitation and abuse.
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I can relate to that. I haven't been out much for the last 10 years and basically haven't talked to a person my age after I was done with school. Since I'm usually at home, doing the same things, seeing the same room day after day experiencing nothing, my days seem to blur together. When I'll be older and look back at my life I will have nothing to remember, this whole life that I didn't choose was a complete waste of time.
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It is hard to make memories without people, I barely recall the first 30 years of my life because there wasn't anybody to share it with. Taking lots of photos helps though. They don't have to be of anything special, they just capture moments in time and looking at them later helps reinforce the memory. Or even if you fail to remember it, you have proof that it happened and that you haven't been asleep for decades. Journaling/blogging could also help in a similar way.

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"Many people need desperately to receive this message: 'I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.'" ― Kurt Vonnegut
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Most definitely can relate. Sounds like my story exactly.
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Originally Posted by TSpes View Post
Hey me too... I've been in agony over it recently. I barely have any memories of the last 10 years, no friends, no hobbies or fun activities other than internet/reading/watching, basically complete hermit. I've barely even spent time with my family, avoiding and pushing them away too as much as possible. I wish I hadn't. No personal growth, I am exactly the same person that made this account in 2013, just older and more depressed. I feel like I missed out on the "finding yourself" stage, I have no idea who I am or what I like or want from life, I'm a complete stranger to myself.

I've been so isolated in my room and in my head, it's like I've been asleep for ten years, I just went inside one day and when I came back out I found my life has passed me by. Worst is I have no idea how to stop, the more time goes by the more out of tune I become with the world and the more behind everyone else. I feel developmentally stuck at age 11-12, I've been told I talk weird, I have weird priorities, I can't relate to "adult" problems like dating, stuff like that. I know I need to change yet I'm completely terrified of going outside or living life. I've had some HUGE opportunities to change my life around and wasted them in favor of more hiding
Thanks for your post. It sucks being stuck.
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Yeah my life has been pretty dull. There are entire chunks of my childhood i don't remember at all. I couldn't tell you anything in particular that happened when i was 7 or 8 or any given age. Sort of the same with parts of my adulthood. Guess much of my life has just been forgettable.
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