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Do you think you ll never beat your anxiety?


So like the title says,do you think you will never beat your form of anxiety?

For example my stuttering problem,its not even that severe (4/10 i d say),the problem is that i constantly think about it,24/7.I fear every sentence i ll say,every sentence i ll read.When i stutter on one word everything falls down,i feel depressed for whole day.When i dont i feel happy like i ve fultfilled my dream ffs ...
The only positive sign of my life is the gym,when i go there i feel like i have no problem at all ...

Any of you share the same opinion?
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c'est moi
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The only way to get over it is to work on it, but the anxiety promotes avoidance and so... Maybe/maybe not.

"I'm nobody, who are you?" - Emily Dickinson
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Probably not.
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I'll probably never rid myself of it completely but I'll sure as shit do what I can to make it less of a problem for me.
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maybe someday.
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Socializing with myself
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You can't beat a perception, but you can only control it, and try to understand what it's trying to tell you.

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I don't think so, no. I could have beaten it before, but now it's a lot harder and I don't have anywhere near as much motivation to do so because, even if I did overcome it, I would still be unable to do the things I want to do, to the level I want to do them. It might gradually get better over time though, by the time I'm like 50 it might be fairly low.

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Fed Up
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Not completely, I have too many anxieties about everything. I have made some progress with some things though, I can go out now and speak to people when necessary. And I don't panic about having a fast heart rate anymore after some therapy. There is hope.
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I'll probably beat it someday , lol , but i guess it will eventually be too late
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Ahh you think you can beat Social Anxiety?

You merely suffer from it.

I was born with Social Anxiety, molded by it, marianated alone in it.

By the time I thought I could have cured it I was already rotten to the core from it.
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Probably not. Depression is weighing me down.
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No. I think it'll always be there and it will be a constant battle to be a functional human being. I'll always have to work on it.

"Drowning is easy. Breathing is hard." Vikki Wakefield
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I've been anxious since around age 12 (I'm 39 now), and it's only gotten worse and worse since then, despite many meds and years of therapy as a teen and again as an adult, to the point that the last two psychologists gave up on me as a lost cause, so, yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll never beat my anxiety. :/

Some people got too little help too late, or are just too broken. I'm one of them.

If I don't reply to you, it's NOTHING PERSONAL. It's my ANXIETY.


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It's getting late in the game for me but I still have hope. I have to be in the right mindset to work on it and that means not being depressed. I remember when I was younger like 20 and always hoping that a new drug would come out to almost cure it. Never happened and now I 'm not sure whats worse my depression or SA. They feed off each other endlessly and grow stronger.
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I really hope so...
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i have lived with anxiety for years and years so i doubt it will every truly go away

i feel the need the need for speed
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It took me a while to accept that anxiety what part of who I am part of my identity and it will always be part of who I am and that is not something that I can change or cure but instead it's something that I need to accept and cope with I think that goes really for any mental illness learning to love and accept yourself next set that you do have a mental illness and learning to understand and cope with that mental illness is a big part of building a positive relationship with yourself
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I've accepted it will never go away. I was born with it. I'll always have it to some degree.

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each scenario is different

thanks a lot for thread

I could define each event into a few types

frustrating anger mainly

boredom - unable to speak when others are chatting

or when asked severely basic questions

most time all alone dwelling in deep misery

piling on a huge stack of not allowed to get what I need, with me right at the very bottom of the stack, overwhelmed.

gay & joyous have so much of everything they want. The nastiest factor is me knowing they do nothing to earn anything. All is free. People I knew from school and further through life. Voice is how to live at top of life.

I see SA as non-existent for me. Partially true that my very last chance I had to 'prove myself' as special when meeting a new person. Interview layout/format. Can you? Do you? What did you do? I do stutter. All the symptoms show every time. I always prepare to be in a mood to walk away before the other gets onto that pedestal. I have to fight against judgement but that's vocally impossible. I break up

Pride & esteem was infinitely lost the very 1st time I got judged as 'no-good' when someone & others gaze at the ceiling or sky. ha ha ha ha No friend. Reject
there's never a reason described

It's not for me to make the changes

I was dealt some genes

World is against me

worst scenario would be extreme violence. I can reign it to avoid the obvious ramifications of my further punishment. But when things boil over I use my voice to show my fury. Never would have been that way if nobody had shouted at me

what a bland spiel
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I think it can and will improve, but I will always face it on some level.
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