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Do You Struggle With Following Verbal Directions?

When I'm given directions or instructions or requests (verbally) I get panicky and may or may not follow what I'm being asked to do correctly.

I don't know why I struggle with following directions and I don't know if this has something to do with social anxiety, but it's something that has been part of my life for as long as I could remember and it always make me feel stupid and incompetent.

Is anyone like me and struggle with following verbal directions?

An example, you are asked to get something from the "front of the bag." You look at the bag and literally see nothing in the front of the bag and you look all around it. The requester then unzips one of the pockets in the front of the bag to get that something.
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I'm not good at processing them or remembering what they said

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I do, and I just put it down to being a millenial and not being able to go anywhere without ogogle maps.

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Originally Posted by andy1984 View Post
I'm not good at processing them or remembering what they said

The more steps there are to a process, the less likely my chances of "getting it."

I also have lots of trouble with verbal numbers and directional and time-related things. Numbers alone are bad enough, but when verbal, they're so confusing. Like when somebody says, "It's a quarter of ten," I'm like, WTF does that mean?--fifteen after?--fifteen to? "Quarter after/quarter to" is bad enough (I usually have to say, e. g., "Nine fifteen" or "Nine forty-five")--"quarter of" makes no sense!

When Judge Judy says something like, "Nine less three," I want to yell, "Nine MINUS three!!"

And why do TV news people always have to say "top/bottom of the hour"? Just say the time, dammit! Hours don't have tops or bottoms. They have beginnings and ends.

I'll need to know a phone number or something and somebody will rattle it off fast or say, "Fifty fifty" instead of "Five zero five zero" and I get so lost.

My mother has this thing where she wants to know if a car is coming and when I ask, "Which direction?" she goes, "That one!" I keep asking her to say "LEFT!" or "RIGHT!"

But, reason I haven't learned to do many basic things is because I would need very clear, s-l-o-w instructions repeated to me over and over, and so far in my life, nobody has been patient enough to do that.

This may also be related to my difficulty paying attention to podcasts and YouTube video narration, and my irritation when people try to tell long jokes or read to me. (I love reading to others (not that anybody wants me to), but dislike the opposite.)

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I'm horrible with it. It goes through one ear and out the other. That's why training for my current job was so painful. I have a bad short-term memory. Usually there is no manual on how to do a job, everything is learned from verbal instruction and fiddling around yourself. Most supervisors don't have much time so they just tell you what to do and won't write it down. Even if they have to train multiple people they will keep doing it verbally with each one rather than write it down.

I tried to write down what my trainer, Ms. Sarcastic Smartypants, said but I couldn't write down fast enough and my notes were all jumbled and disorganized. They didn't give me a laptop so couldn't type up notes either. So first she went through it blow by blow, all the many steps, while I sat next to her and took notes. Then the next day, she was like "okay your turn to drive!!" Oh the horror. I didn't remember crap and could hardly follow my notes at all. She probably thought I was an idiot.

I also had a bar job (not the hostessing stuff) briefly where I was just cleaning and making simple meals, like fries and sandwiches. They wouldn't let me actually bartend. So the first day the guy starts training me and I try to get out a notebook to write down the steps and the ingredients. He tells me to put the notebook away since I won't need it. Well a month later he was so frustrated with me because I had to ask him the ingredients for whatever sandwich for the 15th time. People who have good memories, just don't get it.

I've also had supervisors at other jobs, in particular supervisors over age 60, that got irritated with me when I asked them to repeat. I have the bad habit of not listening carefully until something of interest or of note comes up. I sort of listen but not exactly. I think I may have picked this up from when I was living abroad in countries where I didn't speak the language well. Especially if it was some other people's conversation and I was just a listener, not partaking much, I'd just space out and think of other things. Cause understanding only 20-30% of a conversation is very boring. So these two old supervisors at different jobs (one was male, one was female), would get snippy. "Were you not listening?" "If you listened the first time, I wouldn't have to repeat myself!"
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Yes. I am a very visual person. But I rely on it too much base on the average person. Verbal instructions, especially if they long, too many steps or given with ambiguity, I often struggle with.

In college, I often struggle with classes where lectures were mostly verbal base with vague visual presentation. Classes with lecture that give more detailed powerpoint presentations and slides, I usually do better in. I struggle often with taking instructions with work for this reason. But getting better at it at least.

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Verbal explanations are useless to me...

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Sometimes. Not as bad as others here though. For me it depends on who I'm talking to/ who's giving me this verbal instructions.
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i stop listening after direction number three.

seriously tho, if you're experiencing anxiety/panic at the time, it can be hard to focus, remember, and/or interpret directions, ie. think /:
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I dont get anxious, I just lose focus and start thinking about something else ha.

If someone gives me more than 3 instructions, I tend to stop them and then just see how it goes. I'm usually asking someone a couple streets later.

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