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No cause its life

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I miss the Akita my aunt had. He lived until 17.

I also often wondered what happen to the yellow tabby cat and two guinea pigs my mom gave away when we were in school to come back to them missing. The guinea pigs she gave away to family friend's children, but they were way too young to care for them and they died within a month from what I know.

The cat she dumped in the streets somewhere, so I am not too hopeful. Often thought about what became of the cat time to time even to this day. I always fantasized he probably became a leader of feral cat group and thrived. I just remember he was great at solving the rodent problem we had and killed a lot of the fish in our aquarium.

Now I realized again, my mom's husband must still be devastated in having to give up his dog.

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Yes! My little Cavalier Brian.

He was my official dog. Such a sweet boy!

I miss cuddling him. Smelling him. Going for walks with him.

I have a Pom and she doesn't go for long walks unless my mum comes along as well even since Brian passed away.

He was her support.

I have happy memories of him.
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I miss Fatty. (harrison) He did sleep quite a bit though.

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@harrison Was Fatty a labrador? Our dog looks just like the one in your photo, however she's quite the opposite and very hyper even though she's getting pretty old.
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its probably weird that i don't miss anything. i had to think about it, but yeah i had pets, 2 cats that were my pets rather than just family pets. and my ex's bunny that chewed various clothing and sheets. no i don't miss them. i don't miss my dead brother or mum or my living brother and dad lol. oh i do miss my friend's (still alive) cat a bit now that i'm thinking of it, even though i just saw him yesterday. and another cat i haven't seen for a while. and i was slightly stunned yesterday when there were only 2 of the usually 3 white ducks that i feed. i wonder if its dead or was just elsewhere? i worry for it a little bit. its a tough world. i'm sorry if it died. yeah it makes me sad.

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Never had any cats or dogs. My mum gardens and isn't that big a cat fan since they interfere there. She likes dogs a lot since she had one (maybe more?) Growing up but my dad wasn't a fan so we never had any. My brother had snails for a while, we also had fish. I was sad when one died but got over it quickly and didn't think about the fish much again. We also had gerbils at one point when I was a child but my memory of them is blurry. Then when I was a teenager we looked after a rabbit called Toffee that previously belonged to the school my mum worked at for a while, later the rabbit was passed onto one of my aunts, but I don't think about the rabbit much now (also I don't think I really saw the rabbit as being my rabbit, or even the families rabbit since I knew it was only temporary.) I like cats but I'd be really upset if I had one and it died.
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Originally Posted by Excaliber View Post
@harrison Was Fatty a labrador? Our dog looks just like the one in your photo, however she's quite the opposite and very hyper even though she's getting pretty old.
Yeah, he was a lab or lab/golden retriever cross - I'm not sure tbh.

He was always sleepy because he took even more medication than I do. (he was on barbiturates because he was epileptic)

It was horrible seeing him having a fit - you just had to hold and him and wait for it to stop. Poor little bloke - he was a lovely dog.
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