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Do you ever miss your pets that passed away long time ago? :(

My lil bunny died around 2.5 years ago, but up to this day, when I look at his photos I still feel sad
he was so cute and friendly and would jump up to my bed whenever I came back from work or try to lick or nib my feet so I would feed him lol
anyone else has this issue?
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Yep, I miss our dogs a lot. They were part of our family for the last 15 or more years - I miss most things about that time.
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I miss my cats that died 15 and 26 years ago, and dream about them sometimes. It's normal.

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Yes. My first dog lived a good long life so I guess I don't miss her as much. And she died in 2001 so I guess almost 20 years is the amount of time it takes for some of the pain to fade. But it still hurts to think about the day she died.

My second dog became very sick and died a lingering and horrible death and I guess that's why it still hurts so bad. That I did everything I could to prevent it but it was made way worse than it had to be due to my mother's terrible handling of it, her avoidance of the reality of it and her stingy ways (with money). I never got a chance to spend some time with her without the suffering before she died and maybe that is the worst. She just wasn't herself for weeks before she died and all that time I was fighting to find a way to save her. It just sucked so bad.

EDIT - Forgot to say that she technically wasn't MY dog. She was the family dog. But you don't spend 12 years with a pet and not miss them. My mother was the one who bought her (and no one asked her to). But then when she started getting sick my mother wouldn't do a damn thing to try and save her until almost the end (so the surgery she had had practically no chance of helping) because she didn't want to spend the money. And it was money she had too. It wasn't like she was struggling to pay the bills. We had months of warning that something was wrong but she wouldn't take her to the vet. When she finally did, she didn't tell them there's definitely something wrong so they just looked her over and said "Oh, she's probably fine. Bring her back if she doesn't get better".

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I had a bunny named Twister that I miss, he got to be fairly old. I took him to school with me for show and tell and we had a sandbox out back when I was little that we would make tunnels in. Very friendly bunny, he would stand up on his two back feet begging for carrots!
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Yes. There's a part of them that will always stay with you <3

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Yeh I miss my cat "pigeon". 25 years ago maybe?

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I still miss my cats who passed in 2001 and 2016, and other pets as well. I try to visit their graves on the anniversaries, and sometimes donate to the local Humane Society then too.

The idea of the "Rainbow Bridge" with my pets crossing over to wait indefinitely in some strange place without me hurts too much. I like to imagine their ghosts sleep in the house during the day, and wander around at night and that's why sometimes our current cat goes running off and meowing at nothing. I make cat beds out of blankets on my bed so they have a place to sleep during the day, in the sunlight.

I made a piece of art for my previous cat and my current one. I call it "I'm Still Here."

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I had a bunny 16 years ago, and not even for long (6 months) before my mother forced me to give him away, but I still think about him and my time with him to this day. He was a wonderful rabbit and I missed him often.
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I grieved longer than I 'should have' after my first dog had to be put down. She was a total sweetheart and lived to be sixteen. I wasn't going to accept another dog but then my mother taken one in through a friend's daughter who could no longer take care of him some years later.

The second being my first cat who had to be put down back in 2018. He was seventeen, and we had him for roughly sixteen years. The fact that we waited too long to put him down is what gets me more so than the loss itself since he was inevitably in so much pain.

There have been small pets in between. I think one that hit the hardest was a Syrian hamster given to me. Developed a small bond until about a half of the year later and then had to be put down (in hopes that the vet could do something but it ended up beginning to die on the table while being examined.)
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my first dog passed away of the parvo virus as a puppy then my second dog i took to a animal shelter when i shoudlnt have, but the third dog i had passed away after 15 years of living with me and he pretty much surpassed his life span considering he was a large dog and still have dreams of him.

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Had a dog I loved that died at only like 3 years old. He was such a cute, friendly, happy dog. He loved everyone. He was taken from me far far too early. : (

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My dog passed away earlier this year and when I see pictures of her I miss her. I also found an old picture of my cat that passed away 8 years ago.

So yeah, at times when I see pictures or remember things about them. I don't have any pets now.
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I guess I'm weird. I miss everything that is now gone...with maybe a couple exceptions. I miss the little turtle that got out of his habitat and got away when I was 5 years old. I miss my little blue parakeet, Charlie, who lived a couple years before dying. I even miss my mean German Shepard, King, who ended up running away. (I could go on and on naming all the animals I had). I'd love to see any of them again.
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Of course, always. I was 5 and he was with me until I was 23. Despite being grateful that he did live so long and looking at the happy memories, I still miss him. Being there for him as they put him down was rough, because I loved him so much, but I didn’t want him to suffer.

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Yeah, despite what I said elsewhere ha, I miss my little cat valentine (i didnt pick that name), I called her teenie weenie, and she would run over and cuddle my feet when ever she saw me.

Well I missed her when my ex booted me out of my house, but I got over that, so wasnt that bothered when she passed away.

I'm getting a lizard for a pet next, a small green one I named Little Ron, he sat on my finger and fell asleep on it when i stroked his little back. It wont be him tho just one very similar....and he will come to work with me sat on my shoulder.

Must be hard to lose a dog, my mate lost one of his beagles and found him at the side of a motorway. He was devestated

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I'll always miss some of my pets that passed away.
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Yeah. I miss my old yellow dog i had when i was a kid, and our German shepherd. And also my cat recently and some birds, my parakeet and finches too.

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Yeah, I had a cat for 15 years so it was a big part of my childhood and growing up.

In 2007, he had a stroke in the early hours of the morning, but I didn't know as I went to work. When I got back home, I found out my mother had been looking after him for the majority of the day and we were due to take him to the vet that evening. Almost instantly as I saw him, he looked at me and then had a mini seizure and then passed away there before we even got him to the vet.

It was almost like he waited for me to get home before he passed! It was pretty heartbreaking.
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