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Yhup, all the time.
Every time I say something and someone doesn't reply (mostly in real life, sometimes in foruns, chat, etc) I'm like "I shouldn't have said this" or "I'll just shut up and don't annoy them".
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All the time. With my family, friends, even sometimes my boyfriend. I feel out of place a lot. I feel like I either have to be really quiet and basically invisible so no one even notices me, or just be myself but to an extent with only certain people. This sucks bc people think I'm shy when I'm not it's just my anxiety. I even feel like my bf gets annoyed of me sometimes bc he pushes me away a lot when I try to help him idk why or what I do wrong to ppl but I guess that's life I just wish I could be alone you know
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what kind of loser do you have to be, to be annoyed from me?
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I feel like I always talk too much and it annoys everyone and no matter how much I try to talk less it doesn't work it just makes me feel even more depressed. I feel like my family gets annoyed more than my friends do. Am I the only one who feels this way should I just stop talking? I'm gonna try but it probably will fail again. What should I do?
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Sometimes, but they wouldn't be talking to you if they were annoyed. Can't worry too much

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people annoy each other every time. the problem is, they don't give a f* and keep happy with themselves. but we crack and feeling guilty.
i know lots of douche bag that annoy me so much that i want to shot them in the head, but they still come up to me like nothing happen and keep doing that things.

its an alpha/jerk mentality.
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Most people always ask me if i'm annoyed by them, which i kinda am. But it's my fault they annoy me, because if i was more interesting (did many different activities) i would be able to relate to them more, and care more about what they have to say, their small talk would not sound like meaningless garbage, thus making them seem more interesting to me.

Then i would be eager to listen to what they have to say, and i wouldn't just fake it to be polite.
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No, quite the contrary, most people annoy me.

I'm certain I might piss off some people, yet they don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

"All greatness of character is dependent on individuality. The man who has no other existence than that which he partakes in common with all around him, will never have any other than an existence of mediocrity. "
-James F. Cooper

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there... Wondering, fearing, doubting..." -Edgar Allan Poe
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Of course. I hate bothering people so much that it's a habit.
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Sometimes it seems like I annoy people though I do not think I give them the reason to be annoyed.

I am the person of a kind heart, sensitive soul, refined tastes and preferences, creative skills, daring ideas, adventurous dreams, romantic dash, and unique sensuality. Yeah, that's me.
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I feel that way all of the time. That's kinda why I don't talk to people. You can never really know when you've said too much, not enough or if its the right time to message them or if you should ask them something or if they are comfortable with something. Its too much to figure out. If i'm annoying (which I know I am) I want people to tell me so that I can try to contain it or at least be a little less annoying in the future.
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Yes, I pretty often feel like I annoy people. That's way I dislike messaging people first. I don't know whether they genuinely want to talk to me or just answer because of politeness. When somebody doesn't answer me, I'm like "OMG what have I done? I shouln't have said this. I'm such an idiot. Now she/he hates me, etc.". When somebody gives me a short and brief answer, I consider that I annoy he/she and simply stop messaging, and feel as if I were the most annoying person in the world. Even when somebody messages me first but his replies are short and brief, I think it's because I'm so annoying. So, I don't keep conversation going, and thus come off as boring. The same goes in real life...
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Never take this choice!
You need talk and be opened how much you want, hold yourself isn't the right
solution to your problem.
The true is no one get upset because of you, you are just having typical social anxiety behavior. You really need deal with it, no one deserve spent the life believing that he annoy everyone.
Can you imagine how much great opportunities
you are losing because of this silly thinking?
Many peoples are waiting for make friendship with you while you are just shut up.
But don't lose your time anymore, we have the solution for you!
Join our site and we'll help you to kill this social anxiety.

Life is short
While you procrastinate other people try to succeed
So, Don't just stay At your place wishing social anxiety gone alone
Go make it happen
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Obviously. That's why no one is answering my posts.
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Yeah, I pretty much annoy anyone I get too close with. I just don't know how to socialize. Either I'm way too boring or way too annoying...
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Once people start saying I'm annoying by being so quiet, I'll start yapping away. It inversely applies too.
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I feel like people merely tolerate my presence.
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yes! i just found this thread as i've just seen that 4 of my 5 close friends we're talking on skype and have a separate group chat together. i can't shake the thought of them *****ing about me or that they secretly don't like me at all. i feel like this often but it's gotten a lot worse recently. i have considered therapy since i think talking will help a lot but i'm 16 and really don't know how i could ever bring up the issue to my mum, not to mention i could never afford it anyway. but oh well, i'll go on hiding my feelings and refusing to talk about them in the fear of being annoying/hated
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I always worry that I've annoyed someone or made a fool of myself. After any kind of social event I analyze everything that I've said or done that night and over think about what people must have thought about me.
I think people secretly talk about me behind my back about how I act, the clothes i wear, the way I walk, how anti social and weird I have been... pretty much anything, lol!
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