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LeeMann 10-28-2013 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by HopefulDreamer (Post 1067652642)
No, but I wish I hated going to work. Most normal people I know hate work. I work in a factory, and I've worked with the same people for three years. So I am comfortable around them, and everyday I can feel like I am going and socializing with friends. When it's not work day, I don't see anyone at all, and I don't talk to anyone... not unless I go to a store or something. So I constantly feel lonely. So when Mondays roll around I am happy to go interact with people I am comfortable around.

Meanwhile anyone else I know hates going to work because they have a life outside of work. My co-workers all count down the hours to the end of the shift because they all have people to go home to, or friends to go hang out with.

Strangely I share this feeling. I have been here at this office for over 3 years. So, yeah, I prefer to go to work and spend the day with the people I know well than locked up in my home alone.

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