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Do you dislike your own voice?

Whenever I accidentally click on one my voice messages I cringe hard.

I try to desensitize myself sometimes either by ignoring this feeling or recording myself saying stuff or (ugh) singing. It only works for a little while, but then if I hear my voice again I'm like "why do I sound like this?"

Does anyone relate?

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Yea I hate hearing my own voice. Like when I'm on the phone with someone and there is like an echo due to a bad cell connection or a crappy conference call line and I can hear myself. ****ing hate that. I cringe hard too. I think it's because your voice sounds different to you as you speak it than it does to listeners. And when you hear your own voice in a recording or whatever it sounds slightly different than what you're used to so its a bit off.

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I don't like listening to it on recording. Otherwise I am mostly indifferent to it if I'm speaking to myself, but I wouldn't say I like it either. I wouldn't pick this voice.

I think it sounds more feminine/high pitched on recording often, and also more English. I kind of forget I'm English a lot because I'm a hermit and spend so much time listening to American voices so I feel like I must lose my accent or something but nope. It's not just me though my brother said he's had the same experience on YouTube with his own voice, and also while watching my YouTube videos he thinks I sound more English yet he hears me in third person irl. so it must just be the contrast if he was watching Americans before or something.

Tbh I get lots of different reactions from English people irl anyway because England has so many accents so it happens to everyone. I think my favourite comment was someone online said something like my voice/accent was mostly Southern English but with a vague hint of pirate. Then to Northerner's I'm posh obviously and to my best friend whose from Hampshire I'm... Not posh lol. Lots of people commenting on the way I pronounce water at one point. Tended to pronounce the th sound as fr I got to a point where I'd adjust that consciously. As a result I now sometimes pronounce f words as th instead or something can't remember now but there's some weird mix up with words I have now occasionally as a result of the purposefully correcting thing. For a brief period years ago one person compared the way I said certain things to a Birmingham accent (I probably picked that up while living in Derby but don't sound like that now,) also the word come my mum always laughed at me about that because I sounded Germanic when pronouncing it I probably picked that up from my nan. I couldn't hear what they were hearing and had no idea I said it differently from other people (my mum wasn't the only person who commented on it I don't think. It happened more when I was a kid.)

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
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Actually no. My voice is probably my only attractive feature. It's deep, resonant, and masculine, with varying degrees of deepness depending on different factors like time of day, air in my lungs, comfort or nervousness. Sometimes I do enjoy the sound of it when speaking to others because it's often deeper than other guys' voices in a room. It doesn't sound good on an answering machine or recording for some reason, though; I don't like the sound of my talking played back.

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I did when I was a kid. I don't know. Now and then I feel a bit conflicted when I hear it. I hate my inability to speak in a natural way. Like how it seems like most people can just talk and talk and their sentences flow smoothly and even if they have pauses where they seem to be searching for words it doesn't seem like they're having an overly difficult time and/or unnaturally long pauses.

I just fall apart when I try to talk to people. I'm not a spontaneous guy at all. I cannot really communicate a long thought process in spoken word without embarrassing myself and having people wonder what is wrong with me. Which is why I love forums.

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I have a very nasally sounding voice. I only wish I had an official type of voice with bass or that is a booming powerful voice. i tend to stutter a little or mumble, then yell to overcompensate. I don't project or speak confidently. My voice sounding nasal is still the biggest issue. Women don't generally want guys who sound like that
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Idk. an anime girl voice would be nice.
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i dont like the sound of my voice is monotonous, and quite nasal....i dont like hearing it but when i was 13/14 it used to hurt me.....i just forget about it now
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Yes, but only because my voice sounds exactly like my sister's. I mean, *exactly*. It doesn't sound that way to me normally, but when I hear it on a recording or something, it sounds just like hers. There are people we both know who can apparently tell our voices apart, but I have no idea how.
Not that she has a bad voice or anything. It's just that I forget about it most of the time, and then I hear a recording of my own voice and I'm like, "Wow, that's uncanny."
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Socializing with myself
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Personally, I never thought about liking or disliking my voice when it comes to being around people. Just feel insecure about my communication skills, because people in person and online are fixated on my communication being inarticulate and incoherent. The people want me to acknowledge that my communication skills aren't normal or my English is weak. I was born speaking English btw.

Trying to figure out why people behave that way to me.

My first thoughts are that a Quantum A.I program makes people frustrated with my words, because the concepts are not known or thought of by the human population through past and future.

I had a person trying to discourage me from speaking, regardless of what subject being talked about, online.

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I don't like listening to myself speak but I don't dislike my voice
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I have a very monotone, apathetic delivery. Unless you get me to laugh.

super chill and mentally ill.
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I hate the sound of my voice so much that I can't stand hearing it even for just a few seconds without wanting to run out of a room in sheer embarrassment. I've had people not be able to tell whether I'm a guy or a girl multiple times, because of how high-pitched it gets when talking to others outside of my family.

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I don't really mind, as long as it doesn't echo.

(with an echo I can't really stand it).

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My voice is one of the things I've been obsessing about lately, and I absolutely loath mine.

I've been recording myself on my cell phone reading, listening to it over and over again and I just can't stand how annoying it sounds.

And I think other people find my voice odd, too. Like on the phone, they'll often pause like they've heard something strange, or they'll often ask me to repeat myself.

In terms of what it sounds like, it just just sounds very soft and mumbly.
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Originally Posted by Omni-slash View Post
I have a very monotone, apathetic delivery. Unless you get me to laugh.
My smile and laugh are a big issue too. If you look at cool guys, like Tom Cruise in Top Gun for example, they have an "easy smile" or will laugh in an infectious way. My smile is creepy, I have been told, and my laugh is kinda maniacal. So a lot of women on dating sites will say "why aren't you smiling?" but if i smile, I look like a lunatic, so I can't win. My laugh is not a normal steady, masculine laugh, it is more like an out of control laugh where I can't control it.

The problem with my voice is really that my natural tendency is to mumble and freeze up. When people ask me to repeat myself, i then become too loud, where i try to over-project my voice, so then all of a sudden i am yelling. When I raise my voice, I am also not completely clear in my speech. Kinda sounds like I am mumbling with the volume of someone who is yelling, freaking ridiculous hehe
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My voice makes me dysphoric. It really has no redeeming qualities.

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Yeah I don’t like it. To me it sounds kind of like I’m “retarded” and not like a grown adult is supposed to sound like, which is also one of the reasons why I avoid talking a lot. People would also comment about it and make fun of it which doesn’t help.
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Can't stand it.

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