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Do u sometimes feel like u have to be extra careful on this forum

Hey guys, so I like posting on social anxiety support because I enjoy getting your advice. I like to hear other people's perspectives on matters other than my family members. Social Anxiety Support forum is also a good place to vent in my opinion. However, I find that I have to constantly word my scentences in a way that is not offensive to anyone. I have read through other people's posts before and they seem perfectly legitimate and appropriate but someone still finds it offensive for some reason that I cannot pin point. Or they will just say something hateful that in my personal opinion was not justified. I also add many disclaimers to my post even if they are not really contraversial. I personally do not get alot of hate on this site but I see that others do for no real reason. I get anxiety every time i post because i do not want a hate comment....
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This is the internet, some people understand things differently and/or are easily offended.
it's sometimes hard to avoid a hate comment, just try to say whatever you want.
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The key is to focus on the comments you think are beneficial and helpful, and learn to ignore and block out ones that are not, and are toxic. People that are toxic and consistently give toxic comments are probably ones that are not worth you having anxiety and sugarcoating your words over.
Irony is I am a hypocrite myself for saying this.

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The people complain about specific posts that cooperate with the topic, because the grouping of words contains a related idea about the situation that is constantly happening to affect them. The related ideas are the contributed responses that show that the person acknowledges one another experiences and works more closer to observing what are causing them to feel uncomfortable while being around a social environment. Also, the people complain that the groupings of words matches the situation too many times and that it shows a repetitive idea that is illogical without their own explanation.

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not really. I'm offensive to people now and then. but I'm very judgemental and moralistic, so get offended 99% more than am offensive possibly. many times jokey intent is read as serious, etc. sometimes judgement is too swift, stereotyping, missing context, etc.

yes some ppl are very different and some are opposites/constantly opposed. this is fine. toxic to me is not toxic to some others. differences. we cant just hug and all get along.

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Originally Posted by rayan View Post
This is the internet, some people understand things differently and/or are easily offended.
it's sometimes hard to avoid a hate comment, just try to say whatever you want.
i agree w/ the underlined above. Sorry that you get anxious every time you post. As long as you don't intend to be rude, it's fine, you shouldn't be anxious. You can't control how others take things, they probably have self-esteem issues, but you can safely say to yourself in peace and even explain it to others that you did not intend to hurt anyone and if the other person still accuses you then that's their issue, not yours.
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All people have insecurities, and all of us every now and then accidentally blurt out something insensitive.

A good approach, in my opinion, is to speak your mind openly, while trying to be nice to a reasonable extent, and apologise if someone took it the wrong way. "It is better to ask for forgiveness, than permission."
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No, I'm not playing that game
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I try not to offend on here. Sometimes I want to write a sarky comment or something, or turn it around and make it about me but I won't.......... SA people are a bunch of quivering sensitive snowflakes (I'm speaking from experience, there's nothing wrong with it, and I, myself am one.). So I won't (say anything horrid).

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No this is me trying to offend people goes to show how bad I am at stuff.

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I usually don't. I just came off of Facebook video section and god, that is just cancerous and toxic beyond belief. People don't hesitate to rip each other's heads off on the internet. But this place is nice. And tbh a lot smarter. 😄
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A lot of people here are depressed and anxious. It's not uncommon to be irrationally sensitive and/or angry when you suffer from that.
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Never. Some people say some crazy things or make some ridiculous threads every now and then but they’re usually trolls and therefore not worth my time.

Arguments and disagreements are very healthy in a forum as long as everyone is doing it in a respectful manner. I would hope that everyone on here feels the freedom to express how they truly feel as I certainly do.

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