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Do u ever hide your emotions?

Hey guys, so I'm actually a very emotional person but many dont know it because I keep most of my emotions to myself. I dont show them because in the past I have opened up to people and they didnt understand my depression. They felt it was a sign of weakness. One even said they didnt like kids these days. So after several bad incidents I dont really tell people what I am thinking or how I really feel about them. Even if someone pissed me off I will still smile in their face and pretend everything is alright or I'll give you the silent treatment (depends on how angry u make me). Also conflict of any kind makes me nervous even when it has nothing to do with me. I just dont like negativity. It makes me sad and it makes me feel like no one in the world is good. I also sometimes wish others had more compassion. For instance, you probably might disagree with me, but while I beleive there is legit criticisms of political correctness, I also feel like it is wrong to say everything that comes to your mind. But then again,these are just my ideals. They might not be everyone else's ideals. My hatred of conflict and wanting to help people who are hurting instead of telling them to get over it, might have to do with my Myers briggs personality type. I am infp or the peacemaker. Anyway, can anyone else relate....😞
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Same here. My counselor told me that I had a lot of emotional blockages and that's why I had a hard time with people. As you said, I think a lot of people hide their emotions because of previous negative experiences.

I think it becomes a problem when you can't open up with anyone. If you have a few friends you can open up with, then good. But know who to open up to and who not to. Some people are just rotten and opening up to them is a mistake.
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I'm not that emotional in the first place, but what comes to hiding emotions, I do that all the time... No matter if I'm angry or sad, or happy, I always try to stay calm and smile, or at least just be neutral...

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