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Originally Posted by Blue Dino View Post
Thought I was the only one, until I realize most relates to this, when the Punchable Face meme came up. I find some people, especially their eyes, they give off that shifty shady aura. Like they are scheming to do something bad against you in the back of their mind.

That MAGA teen to me has the facial features of that example. His eyes and facial expressions always bothers me. Like someone I cannot trust the instant I look at him.

Yea, seeing him smirk, I'd agree. He just won a defamation lawsuit too so, that makes things more complicated. I suppose context would put it as "lots of kids not knowing ****"

On that note, I feel like my own face makes people wanna punch me. So I try to look as neutral as possible. Face only a mother could love. And does love.
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quite rare, but it happens a lot for my mum. she hates lots of people on tv lol

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Originally Posted by coeur_brise View Post
On that note, I feel like my own face makes people wanna punch me. So I try to look as neutral as possible. Face only a mother could love. And does love.

While my neutral face is an angry and thus a punchable face as well.

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Originally Posted by KILOBRAVO View Post
This is how I feel. People have to do things specifically to annoy me and it's never due to how their face looks.

I think that if people do this "they have an intrinsically annoying face and I feel like I could punch them " and it's based on only how that person's looks, .and they've never even interacted with that person, i feel like the person that has the aggression may just be doing the psychological defence mechanism of displacement or projection upon the other person. The aggressor has almost arbitrarily chosen this person to direct emotional aggression at for no reason other than how they look. "They have a face id like to punch". Why? Where is that hostility for someone you don't know coming from?
While I don't think I have ever seen someone and felt aggressive towards them right off the bat, I have had the experience of just getting general "bad vibes" from a person's facial expressions and body language. But usually that is way more of the type of thing that actually comes from seeing their expressions and body language as they are actually talking. So it really doesn't have anything to do with the way they look.

That said, neutral faces are sometimes unfortunately ambiguous. A good example is someone who always looks like they have a smirk on their face as they're speaking or just doing nothing. I notice these types of people often make good politicians or sales people because you can't really tell what they're thinking.

A human lifetime of experiences and observation is a complicated thing.Sometimes you see something and you don't know why it bothers you but it just does. some point in your life, something unpleasant probably happened and you saw that exact same facial expression or whatever and it never really left your mind.

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