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AussiePea 12-01-2015 09:53 PM

The two girls I was housemates with for 2 years would be considered very attractive and yet they never seemed to be happier overall than average looking girls. If anything there was more drama and BS in their lives than anything else and it seemed impossible for them to find guys who weren't using them for more than a quick root.

LadyApathy 12-01-2015 09:55 PM

Yeah I think they do. I used to have some hot friends who got everything they wanted just from being pretty. As for myself, I'm pretty average looking..... Actually, I feel like I'm even below average looking but whenever I doll up, people will treat me even better, especially guys but that's only when I doll up.
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Below Average Drone 12-01-2015 10:23 PM

I have basically always been a loser but I had a few flings with very hot chicks. A few differences just in how they respond to stuff.

If you give them compliments, they tend not to respond kindly. You are almost better off not complimenting them most of the time.
I imagine they hear this stuff all the time and the last thing they need is ANOTHER guy saying "wow you are sexy"

They are constantly talking about guys who are stalking them or following them or calling or texting or harassing them.
It puts you in a weird position because a lot of guys will blatantly hit on them with you standing right there next to you.
I am a wimp but the manly thing to do is stick up for your girl, great so now I am gonna start a brawl? That is smart.

They seem to have more attitude (no offense) than the average girl. I think it is because they are used to a certain standard
and have had guys in the past like put sooo much effort to keep them happy. So if you don't measure up to them, or at least come close,
it becomes "this is how you are treating me?"

Of the few unattractive women I have dated, they were willing to put up with anything. I mean if I unintentionally screwed up, I have wayyy
more leeway and they are much more forgiving. They also are way more understanding if you have major or minor issues.
Mental problems, psychological problems, financial problems, self-image problems you name it.

I try not to even lock eyes with good-looking chicks in public, because they are wayyy more likely to roll their eyes, look away in disgust,
or even give you a dirty look and storm off. I have enough problems without being rejected in an aggressive way to add to my list of
already s****y rejections and being treated badly by chicks.

I get the reason behind all this, if I was a hot chick I would also probably be way more disgusted by creepy guys out there, so I am
not even judging, I am just commenting

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