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Daydreaming all my life

I project people who are in my life into a fantasy and then tell them things I would like to tell them in real life but can't because I can't articulate myself properly or am too scared. I make up scenarios that involve me being the alpha male, the life of the party, being popular, being extroverted and funny, getting along with everyone, showing others I'm very knowledgeable etc. I think of females that used to be interested in me and imagine myself talking, flirting and getting all warm and cuddly with them.

At work this goes on for almost 8 hours a day. It's addicting and helps ease the boredom that work brings and helps ease the depression of being socially isolated and having no romantic relationship or life. The problem now is I could be content with living the rest of my life in a daydream and not bother having a life in the real world.

Another problem is I can get so involved in my daydreams it can feel that the thing I've been daydreaming about is real. Because of this I don't feel completely grounded and sometimes reality and fantasy blur. For example I'll imagine someone being upset at me and then I'll feel uncomfortable around them until I realize I was just imagining them upset at me. One time a woman whom was showing high interest in me years ago and I almost dated I was daydreaming so much about her flirty behavior towards me I convinced myself she was in love with me (due to the realism of the daydream) and I actually contacted her via social media years after the incident and accused her of having feelings for me and she pretty much told me I was a nutjob but was willing to hear me out face to face because I was so insistent she confess she was and still was in love with me. I declined.
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I'm exactly the same. I've heard this referred to as maladaptive daydreaming. I can't post links, but if you're a reddit user there's a subreddit for it at /r/MaladaptiveDaydreaming.

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