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Cubs Game Tomorrow

So I'm facing the ultimate SAer's nightmare tomorrow. My mom won 4 free tickets for the Cubs' game tomorrow...and she asked me if i wanted to go, i said yes without thinking. I figured i might as well at least face it, though it's gonna be panic attack nightmare. but oh well, i figured i might as well face it and get it over with, since people don't win tickets for baseball games all the time, and this might be the one and only time i go to a professional baseball game. and like wrigley park seats 39000, so holy crap i'll be surrounded by a lot of people. but good thing that it's outside, cause i mainly get panic attacks when i'm INSIDE buildings...idk why. but anywho, at this point, i'm not even really nervous or anything...maybe cause i'm sleepy and i still have another day, so i'll probably have to update this thing tomorrow before we actually go, then my nerves will probably be on edge. anywho, if anybody's been to one of these professional baseball it usually really packed on a week night?? i'm guessing so...but o/w.
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re: Cubs Game Tomorrow

nice. a free trip to wrigley. baseball games aren't all that bad, in my opinion. i've gone to royals games by myself twice since moving here last summer. maybe it's because it's like disappearing into the crowd (not that the royals draw a crowd... but whatever). i think it really does help though. i've even joined in during the 7th inning stretch singing of 'take me out to the ballgame'

there's really no reason to worry about anything, because in reality, sporting events are where people care the least about how people around them look. no one is going to judge you for how you look or act (unless you wear a white sox or cardinals shirt). i mean, people go in business suits, casual clothes, fan clothes (team shirts, etc), all the way to full body paint psycho fan getup. and emotion ranges from people who don't even clap for a nice play all the way to the drunks who will yell things like 'you're missing a good game, blue!'

only been to wrigley once, and it was about 8 years ago. but it's a beautiful park. just hope for good weather and enjoy the atmosphere.
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re: Cubs Game Tomorrow

Sporting events are probably one fo the most relaxed social events you can possibly attend. I go to a few baseball games a year with nearly no anxiety, and I consider myself a moderate SAer. Nobody will be looking at you, all eyes are on the game. I rarely have to speak to people sitting in seats around me; and even then it's pretty much just small talk about the game. If you want to be on the safe side, read a preview on or to learn who's pitching (I think it's Jason Marquis' turn in the rotation tomorrow), how well the teams are playing, etc., so that you will have something to talk about if you feel the need.

Wrigley might be the best park in baseball for a game; the history of the park and unique neighborhood create an experience like no other. From what I hear, Cubs fans are pretty much relaxed and easy-going. If you were going to a game in Philly or New York, it would be a different story...the fans there can get insane sometimes...they boo, heckle, and are generally agitated (I know because I am one of them).

Just clap a little bit when everyone else does, have a hot dog, maybe sing during the seventh inning stretch, and enjoy yourself..........just don't pull a Steve Bartman!
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re: Cubs Game Tomorrow

lol well i think it's mainly about the AMOUNT of people going to be there...cause like nearly 40, sometimes i get panic attacks at like a movie theatre in a room full of 50 people. lol, but anywho, also i gotta admit.....i'm not really a cubs fan...more of a sox fan, but these tickets were free, so hey. but my nightmare is like sitting in hot weather, surrounded by sweaty stinky bodies, not being able to really breathe and experiencing a feeling of wanting to escape but unable to, cause of too many ppl there and i might get lost haha.
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Like others have said, I have never been anxious about going to see a game of football over here. On a couple of occassions I have had to hide from someone I used to go to school with. But actually being around that many people doesn't bother me because I know they're there for the same reason as me, to watch the game.

I'm a Charlton fan and had to give up my season ticket for this season, couldn't afford it having not worked in so long. They had a massive game monday and I desperately wanted to go, but didn't because I didnt want to have to sit on my own. Thats the first time I havn't gone to a game because my sa has played a part. Was gutted and kinda suprised tbh, but they lost and were relegated so I didn't miss much!
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re: Cubs Game Tomorrow

k i just got back from the cubs game,and i did surprisingly well ....unlike the team that won by 1-0 vs. the pittsburgh was a pretty blah game. but the experience was fun, being surrounded by 40,264 ppl. though towards the end it felt like i was gonna have a panic attack, but it's probably cause i was tired and my head is pounding cause i didn't get much sleep last night, but oh well.......anywhoooo, just wanted to update u guys, and thanks to those of u who gave me advice
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