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xyzhousexyz 07-05-2009 03:11 PM

Craving and even Thriving in the Spotlight
I don't believe i need to tell you guys i have SA, but i feel i do need ot mention it because it will not sound like so after i get into this topic. I am a student at an art school studying graphic design, and sometimes we have to present our work and be subjected to crituqe, now when someone else is presenting i dont say anything i want to becaus ei love crtiquing art. But when its my turn to present i LOVE it because everyone is looking at me and HAVE to listen to what i have to say and is talking about MY work. And it absolutley makes my day when i make everyone laugh, (i have a big sense of humor) or i get into a discussion with someone about art. In that moment i am almost SA free but when i go back to my seat and sit down I'm back into my self apointed cage.
Idk i guess im asking if anyone else feels this way,
i think it is because i crave and want attention and interaction so bad and given a good excuse to plunge in i take it and it doesnt hurt that the subject matter is one of my favs, art.
love you guys

jane 07-05-2009 06:30 PM

This isn't surprising, because craving the spotlight and being socially anxious often come from the same place - basing your self-worth on the approval of others. It lifts you up when people laugh at your jokes and pay attention to you, and drags you down when they don't.

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