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Complete shut in. 26 years old. Life of isolation.

So, I donít really know how to explain this. I just wanted to reach out to people and see if I was completely alone or not. Iím 26 years old and my life has been... nothing. Like - my life has been nothing but isolation. I have lived 26 years with no friends, no adventure, no anything that makes life meaningful. I just rot and decompose in self isolation. When I was younger it was - go to school come home go to school come home. Now itís go to work come home go to work come home. Iíve never even left my home town before. My memory is pretty much a black hole because I have nothing memorable to remember. Life sucks. And I feel like Iím all alone and the only one experiencing such meaningless less. Am I even human? I feel like a corpse.
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I feel the exact way. I'm in the same situation as you.
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Take steps towards facing your fears and obstacles and make life into what you want it to be. Force yourself to go oout each day, that is how i cured my fear of going outside. You have like half a century of life ahead of you, which is 20,000 days. Now are you going to let life and problems and thoughts and obstacles ruin those years? Or are you gonna make your life into what you want it to be. Make your life into a good life, make your life into something happy and exciting or at least strive too. And if it helps, you arent alone. Im 19 and soent my whole life homeschooled with strict parents so my life is blank too but thats just how it is. We need to not give up, life changes and has twists and turns, anything can happen, etc, so keep doing all you can to improve life. Good luck!
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This is pretty much my life too, I had friends in the past but they are ... a past. The last few years it's only me and myself. I don't have any friends or anyone to hang out. Nothing in life interests me anymore.
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We all wear a mask.
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Same. work, home, work, home, work, home. No friends, no grand endeavors, no fascinating memories. Just one life spent in a perpetual solitude.

I just had a 7-Day vacation away from work and I did not step outside once. This is what my life is now.

We haven't lived in anything remotely close to "real" since the turn of the century.
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You're not alone, this is my life right now, and I feel lonely and depressed.
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Same situation here. It's terrible.
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