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Originally Posted by Perpetual Disconnect View Post
grades matter in the US too. I filled out a lot of job applications in the last few weeks, and several asked about GPA. everyone told me in school that it didn't really matter, and I took that to heart, often doing just the bare minimum to get credit for the class. one year after graduation here I am wishing my head wasn't rammed up my butt in school.
GPA doesn't really matter for getting jobs usually. Yes they ask it but we learned in my communications class that based on studies the most important things were communications skills and ability to work in a team. The school you went to was surprisingly far down the list, GPA was way down the list. Now grad school is a different story. A lot of them will not be impressed by retakes of classes - their view is how hard is it to get a better grade in a class you've already taken? What they told us is that if you do bad in a class just try to do much better in a higher level class to show you've improved ie if you do bad in chem 1000 you can make up for it by kicking *** in chem 2000.
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Everything does matter to a certain extent. However, not every job cares about GPA..but I think they want to see some type of applied experience and good communication and teamwork skills even more. For grad school you have to have good grades though and a little experience but not much..grades are more important for grad school. I'm not doing that great in college, I don't fail though I just keep getting Ds and Cs which sucks. Which is why I won't be applying to grad school.

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Originally Posted by lonelygirl88 View Post
if u eventually leave community college and switch schools- your grades will be erased and you will start with a brand new transcript.
in reality, no employer cares or checks grades. as long as u pass, that's all that matters. they just want to see a diploma (if that)
Really? Switching schools will erase my grades? I've never heard of that.

And I don't care about the employer seeing my grades. I'm worried that the college I will want to go to won't accept me because of my grades.
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I will suggest you to continue your studies with your part time job because high grades matters a lot.By poor grades you will not able to get good job in future.Study with a planning.Follow some procedure or criteria to get good grades.
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I struggle with uni so much. Im in my final year and i still don't know how to write an essay correctly!! i have 3 essays due in the coming weeks, its the same situation every semester and i just go into the biggest downer and cut myself off from everyone and tend to relapse into feeling that i'm no good. So ashamed of myself i stop going to classes and even on somedays to afraid to even go outside.
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I have like one week left of college and I really need to push myself to pass some of my classes. I started off great in my first semester getting all As but unfortunately this semester, I might end up with some C's and I really need to get a good grade on my final in my chem to pass the class. I've gotten Bs on the first two exams in chem barely studying and I study my butt of for the third and I end up with a D. I cannot afford to fail any class. Usually I get high grades but I have a health problem that has made this year very tough to focus on my studies. One week left, tomorrow and all week I need to find the motivation to work my butt off.
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