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christmas , new year..... sleep pattern / depressed?

i noticed over this christmas and new year period, my sleep pattern got really messed up where i was struggling and could not to sleep at night. if i did it was only for 2-5 hours at a time. its still pretty messed up now and sleeping tablets dont really work. (i think it could be depression?)

thing is, im pretty numb emotionally but i think i find this time of year really hard due to extremely long periods of no social contact or interaction.

i was just wondering if anyone is going through the same sort of thing.
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Maybe not really same, but very similar. Either on Christmas, New Year or in-between or both I get very depressed, anxious and suicidal for whatever weird reason. Mostly it's even worse than usual...

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Once it hits around December 1st, I already start feeling it because all the Christmas stuff is put up everywhere, decorations and cards and everything in stores. The holidays are usually torture for me, I have been alone most holidays at least without a woman in my life. I tend to sleep more over the holidays, but it is not a relaxing sleep, more just to avoid life and the day. Between Christmas and the New Year is the worst, my idiot neighbor invites half the town over right next door for Christmas parties, new years party, so i am terrified of seeing the crowds swarm in and out in my hallway, remember I am the one loner in this building.
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I don't particularly like work, but I find if I'm out of work for any length of time my sleep pattern gets screwed up & I'll indulge unhealthy habits more, Christmas new year is one of them, I'm better with some kind of routine to keep me semi-sane & not overthink stuff.

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For the most part, I hate the holidays mostly with having to see people I hate to see or don't care to catch up with, while people who are back in town I like to see and catch up with, I don't hear from them or hear back from them at all. All the while seeing others around me getting together or leaving town and leaving in general for holiday plans also will make be a bit self conscious about myself. Although I do very much enjoy the time off and the holiday decorations at night, which always relaxes me when I drive by or walk by them.

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