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Caution: Long post ahead, Grab Popcorn

First off i didnt know where to put this because its sort of a rant and about me.Ok so i am 16 year old male and i have social anxiety and essential tremor. Never been diagnosed because i am way to nervous to tell my parents and for some reason i dont think they would believe me. Having SA and ET is especially bad because when the SA starts up it makes me shake even more. Example i had to do a presentation in school and have to hold my paper well i am nervous to begin with because of SA, and im nervous that people are going to notice my hands shake and comment about it. So it makes me shake even more so much that i cant read the paper and then people do comment and well yea you get the picture.

I think ET gave me SA so to speak. It started pretty much when my friends would be like hey why are your hands shaking? I never noticed it until they mentioned it and then i began to worry why and became self concious about it. I try to think positive because ive been reading on here and it seems like i dont have it as bad as some people on here. I have a lot of friends that i hang out with on a daily basis, ive hooked up with a few girls so i seem pretty normal to my friends.

Ok so now about school. I do pretty bad in school and i think alot of it has to do with SA. I blew off many presentations because i am waaayyy to nervous. Or say i am sitting in class and i know the answer and no one else does i wont answer most of the time. Or say that i do not understand something in math class, instead of asking i sit there like a moron and then end up failing the test. I kind of depressed because i really dont think i have much of a future. I like to think i am pretty smart, i am good with computers but since this is my junior year and im pretty much failing alot of my classes i most likly wont go to college or end up working with computers at all. I was thinking about the army but i am not sure if i will get disqualified since i have SA and ET. I mean if i do i dont really have anything to fall back onto and dont want to just live at my parents.

Ok this is enough for my first post lol. You will probably see some more soon because i have alot to talk about because i have been holding this all to myself for about 3 years. Sorry for the essay and thanks if you read it but i dont really mind if you didnt i just needed to get this off my back.
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Re: Caution: Long post ahead, Grab Popcorn

Wow. You're a LOT like me, I wish we knew each other in real life.

I'm 16, a junior in HS, and I have a bad case of SA too. I tremble and my voice does so bad in presentations and even speaking in just in front of 2 people. Unlike you, though, I actually have no friends @ all because I never talk.

Also, make bad grades. I know I'm smart but I just sit there like a dumb#@@ when I don't get something, so I fail too. My parents are disappointed in me, my GPA sucks, and I pretty much suck at life. I'm good with only technology, and ever since I got my iPod taken away I've been more depressed.
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Re: Caution: Long post ahead, Grab Popcorn

yeah, I have ET also, and I wouldnt do projects that required a presentation either. Now days it happens when I'm in an interview for a job, or when a girl hits on me. The only exception is if I feel comfortable around the person interviewing me or hitting on me. Last month I was making keys for these two girls, and it was just us three in the back of the store. Now as I'm making the keys I notice that they're hardcore watching me, and knowing this I started shaking. When I finished making the key I just wanted to run and hide, and then BAMN! One of them says "You're really hot".
I was so scared and nervous and panicky that I couldnt even reply to the compliment! So now they think I'm some stuck up jerk. SA is really bad to have, but SA + ET is what I imagine hell would be like.
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Re: Caution: Long post ahead, Grab Popcorn

I kind of learned a trick about doing presentations if i put the paper on something hard such as a book or a folder or something like that, it makes me less nervous since its not as flimsy. This works really well and i actually volunteered to present first one time because of it. Also if i am around girls i am alot more nervous and shaky, but once i get to know them its not as bad.
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Re: Caution: Long post ahead, Grab Popcorn

rhcp, check your pm.

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