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Being overprotected by mother

Anyone else can relate?

Being a mama's boy had a negative effect in my confidence. My mother raised me to be a submissive male that lacks opinion and personality.

Some examples of this overprotection:

*My mother used to take me and pick me to school up until I was 15 years old.

*My mother used to tell when and how should I cut my hair up until the second half of 2015.

*My mother hates when I disagree with someone (having a diferent opinion). She thinks I must accept anything people say without questioning. If someone says "Planet Earth is a square" and I disagree by saying "no, Earth is round", she'll get angry with me.

It's complicated, guys, when you want to improve, but people around you want you to stagnate.
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Okay this will be fun:

- my mom decided what clothes that i wore until i was 12, and it even continued somewhat until i was 16

- my mom tells me when to shower

- i think when i was 12 my parents made me have to hold their hand a lot when we went out

- my mom hardly let me use a comouter much most of my life, in fear that the radiation would have bad effects on my health

- my mom didnt let me go outside alone until i was 17. Only because i did it whether they liked it or not lol. But yeah i went out and had a great time at a party with my friends - i'm kidding lol. It was just a walk to the local mcdonalds with some money i saved up from helping them with a job, and i roasted in the hot australian summer sun with my jacket on to cover my self harm scars. Of course i was extremely terrified/anxious but that was the best decision i ever made. Not like i ever really got the chance to make many decisions in my life but anyway lol.

I feel you, my parents want me to stagnate. I have no feiends, i am stuck at home most of the time, and here they are telling me how proud they are to have such a happy son. I literally screamed at them that i was feeling suicidal once, in a heated argument that almost got violent. They didnt even get the damn point lol it didnt sink in.
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