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Becoming too attached

A temp job I was working at has just come to an end. I was only there for two months, but I had grown attached and I've been crying off and on for a few days. The people there would probably be shocked to know my true feelings because my SA left me stone faced and unsocial most of the time. They probably think I was happy to leave. If only they could have seen me bawling my eyes out as I drove home the other day.

There was another temp working there who left the same day as me. He was the one I got the most comfortable talking to, and I told him jokingly (although mostly serious) that I'd be sobbing on my way home. He sort of scoffed/laughed it off. I wish I could share his 'oh well, on to the next temp assignment' attitude. It's not even so much that I'm currently unemployed. It's that I really took a liking to this place and I feel probably the most sad I've ever felt leaving a job. I can't stand growing fond of people and then suddenly find myself knowing I will never ever see them again.
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I can't say that I know exactly how you feel cause I've been at my job longer than I should have, but I do the same thing with relationships. I get attached too soon, not always to the girl, but the idea that I might actually have a shot with someone. But it always ends and I'm almost always hurt. Time passes and I either find new hope, go into a state of depression (reason why I came looking for a site like this), or I hide from the world by being someone I'm not. We are all different, but that doesn't mean that we are all past saving.
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I wish I had this problem. I have had so many different jobs in the past. Usually as a result of growing bored with the job and or not getting along with the people there. If I could just hold down a steady job for a few years that would be nice.
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Originally Posted by Destarknight View Post
but I do the same thing with relationships. I get attached too soon, .
i do that too and usually end up getting burned hard.

i went through something similar this month. been at the place for a couple months and the last month i was getting more comfortable with a few of the people and then they up and let a bunch of us go without warning.

while i'm not crying or anything it sucks because once you start to get to know people your gone.
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apply for a permanent job their (if one comes up)

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