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Bad memory keeps coming back to me

I've always lacked a lot of information in my head. I struggle with learning and memorization most of the times.

So last year during my last year of HS, I was waiting at the bus stop with a bunch of other classmates. This elderly scruffy man walks up to me to ask for directions and I start stumbling over myself. I'm not street smart because my parents never taught me to be and I had only recently started riding the bus. I depended on them on where to go and I didn't really know any of the streets even though I lived in my city for close to 10 years. Eventually the old guy criticized me for living in the city and not knowing where to go. I was actually gonna look up where on my phone but I guess he wanted to move on and ask my other classmates.

I've had people in the past criticize me for not being street smart but my parents never really let me know any of that stuff.

That whole interaction upsets me because it was a guy much older depending on a teenager for directions but the whole memory reminds me of the knowledge I lack overall and that sucks.
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Should've told that guy to go ***** himself. You were trying to be nice and he was rude af to you for no reason.

Get in the habit of pushing back against jerks like that and that kinda thing won't happen to you anymore.

You're probably not really mentally slow either, that's likely just what you've been told do to lack of confidence and not taking initiative and you wrongly believe it to be true.

You ever work with the general public? I can tell you what real stupid is and it's like %80 of people, easily.
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