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Bad luck and people not responding or beeing too busy

Ive been thinking over the last day of posting here to vent on a common theme for my life but I feel why bother it won't change anything as its something out of my control that I cant change.

I'm sure others may feel the same way bit for me its always going on to the point where I'm constantly feeling why bother trying if the same stuff is going to happen over and over and pretty much has always done in the past and that I might as well just just stop trying and shut everything out cause It'll never change.

That is that people seem to be always too busy to do anything social with meeting up etc or they just don't talk to me first or reply back to me.

Its left me in a state where I do pretty much most things by myself and always watching people going out etc and never do things with other people as a result.

I have a profile on okcupid and messing 15+ people I get 1 response which seems positive but too busy etc, I pretty much get no messages on that site at all and when I do there pretty rare.

I have people I knew in the past I try to reconnect with but always too busy or never talk to me unless I talk to them and seem to be always too busy, which seems to be the standard thing for me.

And those who may call me call me a friend and me to them but we never meet for the same reasons stated above.

Never dated in my life as every girl pretty much is taken or not interested or we loose contact etc.

Its just a reoccurring theme for me to the point I can say x is going to happen and it happens exactly like that 99% of the time or so.

I would love to have better luck but I cant change these things and it really gets me down to the point I I have emotional breakdowns at times and scared to even try to meet new people cause I know the same things are going to happen.

Yet I see either these people or others doing things with other people etc but as above people are wither too busy or whatever.

I don't know why I'm posting this here as I feel that this forum won't change this or people on here in my area.
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On dating websites, the attractive girls get dozens of messages everyday. Of course, they don't respond to most of them. I've found the trick is to write something original and customized for their profile if you want to stand out.

Like on okcupid, I found the nerdiest girl on the site, so I sent her a message like: "If you understand binary, then the ten of us would make a cute couple." She seemed to find that amusing, lol.
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