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Awkward phone calls HATE

So I'm a student and I am looking for internships and some recruiter contacted me a week ago. First he asked me to mail him back with my CV. I mailed him and of course.. forgot to attach the file. Fail 1. Then I re-sent it and he wanted to do a phone call. I decided to give it a shot and accept his help and let him call me. Bad choice. First of all I have phone anxiety.. I just thought I really needed a job in time so that's the only reason I made a phone call.

I was not prepared at all. Fail 2. I started off good by answering questions and telling him what I like to do for work. He gave me a job opportunity at some company and talked about their project. I wasn't interested in their project and did not understand half of what he was telling. I doubted alot and a big awkward silence fell... He didn't seem nice at all either. He was like, did u have a long day or what? (in a humiliating tone or something). Made me extra awkward. Then he told me about another company and I doubted again about it and made a total random weird comment out of place and he was like yeah.. what. Ugh I wanted to disappear and sink through the floor. Anyway I said I would mail him back if I decide to accept any offer. I tried to play it cool, but inside I died.


Anyone else had a super awkward phone call like this?

Makes me not wanna do anything again.
Everytime I try to conquer my fears I fail anyway??
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Yeah, that sounds pretty awkward. If it's any consolation, I always did equally terrible in interviews. I left interviewers speechless because I misunderstood what they were asking and gave completely stupid answers to things. Awkward ugly weirdo pretty much sums me up. I hate talking on the phone, too.

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I hate phone screenings. I'd rather have an in-person interview. You can't see their face and they can't see yours, so it's all about what you say and how eloquent you say it. Just, ugh. I end up getting stumped by some of their questions and then babble nonsense to other questions. At least in person you can see on their face if they are disgusted or done with you.
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I only ever did one interview & failed, but got the job anyway (it's complicated) ..I seem to work better in reality.

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