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Hey, so a few minutes ago I called one of my old teammates from college track that I have not spoken to in a month and a half. We are not necessarily friends but I did confide some stuff in her a long time ago. I just wanted to tell her that I went to a BLM protest and that I was happier then when she last talked to me. I called her and she sent me a text saying she was at work so i said sorry for disturbing her. I dont like bothering people or inconveniencing them. Alot of times I cant tell when someone wants to talk to me or not. I cant tell if someone is mad at me or not. I cant tell if someone likes me or not. I cant understand sarcasm half the time and I take things literally. To be honest I wish people would explicitly say that they like me or dislike me because it would make things less confusing. However, I know that is not how most people operate. I only call people from college every one to two months because I think talking to them more often would be bothering them. Please help me understand.
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