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I don't have any opportunities to talk to people IRL (aside from professional interactions, I guess) but I'm bad at conversation, yeah. Small talk is hell, and if it's not small talk then I overshare or I just don't answer anything. Seriously, I have previously avoided answering the question 'when is your birthday?' Who avoids that?

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I hardly meet or talk to anybody outside my family and couple of close friends. For a change met someone today whom I hadn't seen in ages. Went alright other than few instances of anxiety. Am 34 but don't feel my age while talking and mostly mute in group conversations. One on one is still ok if i am comfortable with the person but I avoid talking to people usually.
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Eye contact is a big issue for me so every conversation feels weird. No connection to people. What a life. I'm 38 btw
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Mid 30s here and still a stuttering awkward mute.

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Oof, does 32 make me qualified for the 'old' moniker (I feel it does, and I say that with a certain twinge of sadness in my heart)?

I don't know if I have it very bad. I do have a friend I can get along with reasonably well, but other than that, no I haven't really talked (and by talked I mean form words and sentences and not just mumble mumble which is my default mode of communication) to anyone in well ever. Maybe not fully related to the topic but I feel SA gets more heavy in a way once you get older, since it's not just a phase anymore and impacting your life in a very real sense (or at least in my case it is).

But, never too old to learn new tricks right? That's what think anyway

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Originally Posted by JohnDoe26 View Post
Like it's been months since I've had a proper conversation with someone in real life.
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The last interaction I had with people my age was maybe 10 years ago when I still went to school. Only casual interactions though, nobody ever cared enough about to "hang out" with me. Since I wasn't able to make any friends in school, nobody from back then ever tried to get in touch with me either. It's kind of depressing because I'm 28 now and your early 20's are supposed to be the best years of your life, where you're having all these formative experiences and become a complete person. And all these people I went to school with were going through that, while I've been isolated here at home for the last 10 years achieving and experiencing exactly nothing. Actually I'm doing worse now than 10 years ago because this lack of social interaction hasn't exactly been beneficial for my mental health and my social skills (or lack thereof). People have been ignoring me so hard for my whole life that sometimes I question this conscious experience people call life.
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I apparently have it so bad that it's worse than "so bad". I have it so bad that I don't want to talk to people. Like honestly, 99% of the things people say to me outside of business interactions are either completely pointless or intended to piss me off or bother me in some way.

So I generally don't want to talk to (most) people even when I have to. Which makes it all that much worse when the mood occasionally strikes me to exchange pleasantries with someone and they deliberately use it as a chance to get on my nerves.

Funny thing though. My mind usually goes blank when someone says something to me. I was trying to set a reminder with my Alexa a couple of hours ago and I was like "Alexa, set a reminder for 5 hours" and she was like "What's the reminder for?" and I swear there was suddenly nothing in my mind.

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I'm getting up there. I speak, but don't necessarily enjoy it so it is what it is. At this point, I think I'm so used to not enjoying pple that I immediately assume I haven't enjoyed it, rather than actually judging the interaction on its own merit. I've caught myself enjoying pple, but I'm not leaving my stories behind without a fight.

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