Anyone else feel the pangs of loneliness on Valentines Day? - Social Anxiety Forum
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Anyone else feel the pangs of loneliness on Valentines Day?

TBH I hate Valentines Day... I had to go shopping twice around this holiday and at both places I saw guys buying flowers or chocolates (probably for their girlfriend or wife). This makes me feel like s**t. I've never gotten flowers from a guy, and quite honestly I probably never will.

It's not the flowers/chocolate itself, it's the feeling of knowing someone cares about you and loves you enough that they would do something like that just to make you happy
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Valentine's Day reminds me how inept I am at forming relationships and that I will probably be alone the rest of my life unless I undergo a dramatic personality change in the near future. It also makes me feel terribly behind in life. People around me are already married or getting married and I'm just out hear trying to get through my day and enjoy some peace and quiet at home away from everything.

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I have an annual tradition of multiple times passing by homes of exs in the evening usually between 6pm-11pm and just glance to see if there are any lights coming from their windows or see if their cars are parked anywhere nearby. All out of freak accidental coincidence.

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^Not strange at all. o_O

I don't feel any more lonely or sombre on this day than any other. I do make jokes about it though. I usually just say 'Happy Single's Awareness Day'!

I guess it doesn't make any difference how much we have to give. The universe says it's either on the cards for us or it isn't. Wyrd biđ ful aræd.
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Don't know what pang is but I did feel lonely—incredibly so.

I actually got to see both men and women getting stuff for their partners. Suffice to say, the ride back home was very lonesome.

Days like valentines day never cease to make me feel like crap. PDAs above all else still are the worst thing to see for me.

Though I have always made it my practice to be pleasant to everybody, I have not once actually experienced friendship. I have only the most painful recollections of my various acquaintances ..."
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No more than any other day.

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alien monk
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the last 2 just remind me of good times in past relationships and how I'm also fairly happy single

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ― Mother Teresa
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It's hard to feel lonely when your neighbors are making you wish everyone would go away.
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I ran into my ex on Valentine's Day.

I said hi.
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I use to feel lonely so I can understand what some of you are going through. These days I couldn't care less about Valentine's day. Is just like any other day to me.
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Usually I don't anymore.

But the night after Valentine's I dreamed about my high school crush again... I haven't seen her in about 15 years now. Worse, the dream was ultra-realistic... Like I was actually with her. That level of realism stings.

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I generally don't care unless I am reminded and see couples and flowers and cards, also places that advertise the holiday to sell junk.

I think for new couples, it can be extremely exciting on Valentine's day, despite it just being another day. i think by the 2nd or third year of a relationship,
it would lose the excitement and become literally a big annoyance to have to go out and get cards and gifts and flowers, relationships get stale after a while.

Women are more gaga about that holiday than men i would guess, but for a guy I guess it is more pressure to be romantic and not screw up sweet or romantic gestures like
buying or wrapping presents or cards flowers etc

2 years ago i was dating a woman around Valentine's day, i think i slept with her one time and besides that all we did was bicker. I think I forgot it was Valentine's day which offended her, but it was already getting very complicated. Besides only meeting her 2 or 3 times, i thought about her a LOT in the last few years, i thought we were meant to be together, i THINK she is now single because I see she keeps updating her profile pic. I really think we both lost out, because we are both single and still got a long great aside from the disagreements. She also wanted to go out a LOT, which i was noticing and i don't like spending 8 or more hours out with annoying people in public and crowds and uncomfortable chairs
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"I am Chereogo, the horse with no name..."
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No. It's just a capitalism day.

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IDGAF about that day actually...

Even shy people can be sassy sometimes...
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Socializing with myself
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I don't take part in the idea of valentines day or valentines behavior, because I'm not mentally enslaved like the other minds. Valentines day is for the High Authority NSA Software Engineers to gather experience data from how the Multi-Agent Quantum A.I Computers simulate the citizens to be in a valentines relationship for only one day.

I stop taking part in birthday. I no longer participate in celebrating the years spent being surrounded by people who use a mind from the fake copy of humanity. I don't need a supercomputer to assign a female a mind to be partnered for a wife or a girlfriend to celebrate a day for evolving humanity. The people who are in the valentines relationship is more lonely than us, because they're paired together by a machine to qualify in social activities with the same minds. The High Authority NSA Software Engineers can keep their professional wet dreams to themselves!!!

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In the meantime. I'll perfect my writing techniques.
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Spent it with my girlfriends and had a blast. We did try to avoid going to places that were most likely going to be filled with couples *gag*. I personally have never cared about valentines day.. too damn close to my bday :/ I've never felt envious of all the valentines cliches (maybe that means I'm kinda broken?).

But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep....
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Oh my goodness, I always wish I have a boyfriend on Valentines day. But I know dating is probably not a good idea for me right not.

God bless you
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