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anybody else tired of everyone around them?

That's how I'm feeling right now. No one around me gets me. No one wants to try. I try to please everyone else before myself, that is my entire existence, and I can't stop it, I haven't a clue. I want everyone around me to enjoy their time, their lives, it's like I'm responsible. When in reality I'm done, I'm depressed. It's weird that someone so depressed can care so much about every ****ing waking moment. Trying like mad for everyone around me. It's like i don't feel anything, I'm so focused on my recovery, I'm always thinking, analyzing what I should be doing with my day, my time, my life. I am committing so many errors in my thinking that I'm constantly trying to reconize and see through. But I'm getting ****ing tired. Believing in this "process" hoping that there is a way out of this ****, and I don't even know why. All I feel is guilt over things the moment I wake. I haven't done anything wrong, but I feel so bad because I was awkward around my friends and family. I am so afraid of ruining all relationships in my life, that I can't enjoy them, I feel like I've shut down my ability to do so. On to better days..
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re: anybody else tired of everyone around them?

I wake up some days and just hate everybody for no reason. i don't know why, Just thinking about my friends sometimes makes me hate them just cause i know they are all having good times, while i'm sitting here talking to internet people, but i always try to find the negative about it. Like if they all go out or plan a b-day party for a friend i always say " what are you 12" when in fact i'm just hiding the fact that i don't want to go cause of my SA.
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re: anybody else tired of everyone around them?

Try doing something with ur time that can make u think more positivly of urself. Maybe u can start working out, or maybe read books.
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re: anybody else tired of everyone around them?

Realrage, I definitely understand your frustration. I am starting to get tired of everyone around me too. For instance, last weekend my family had a huge family reunion, and I skipped that entire weekend with them. I wanted to prove so many things; I am tired of trying to please everyone.

Then, I also wanted to prove that I'm grown and I can make decisions for myself. For 23 yrs., my father made all decisions for me. So, I decided to marry my high school sweetheart and begin to make my own decisions in life. My Luck, now this big thing is going on amongst my entire family because they wanted me to have a nice wedding, and I chose 5 mins. at the courthouse instead. Oh Well! They may never forgive me, but I'm moving on.

My advice to you is not to feel bad. Do those things that bring you happiness in life and put all else to the side, or better yet put it behind you. The same people that we are trying to please are the same people that are stealing our joy. Take care of you. Do whatever you feel is right. God Bless!
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re: anybody else tired of everyone around them?

That's how I'm feeling right now. No one around me gets me. No one wants to try.
I used to feel that way, but as I slowly let people in, I find out just how much they understand. They may not understand everything, but there are bits and pieces that they can and do relate to. And if they're truly your friends and truly care, they should try to understand or at least empathize.

As for the rest of your rest, wow, and I'm going to use the phrase I often see around here and that's, "I could have written that myself!"

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re: anybody else tired of everyone around them?

I previously tired to please other people and all I get is negative, I don't think this really works, when I tried to please others and find that they aren't pleased, it really hurts specially if they call you boring or stuffs, if we tie our happiness to approval of others, we won't be happy and we'll be stuck in the anxiety for ever.
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thnk godness...

Hi everyone. FYI, Im new here. Plez take care of me. Theres so many things I want to get out of my chest. I just write what I can. And if ur reading this, then thank u.
Wow, I would never have thought that I got to meet someone the same as me. And to think the situation is exactly the same.I m sorry about your situation too pal. Trust me when I say, I know what it feels like.
Call me a hypocrite if u want, but if pretending to be a fool, kind, naÔve, polite kid outside and (only sometimes) at home, and smiling each day like crazy, pretending like I donít hv problems or a care in the world, will make people happy, then Im still doin it. I donít know, Im just so used to it now that its like a switch in my brain. And the thing is, I donít trust people to help me, butÖ I feel so sick and lonely these days that its almost unbearable. I want help, but no matter how many people say that they would help out or listen, I would smile and say no, I donít have any problemsÖ
Im just so sick of everything and everyone around me. Its getting harder and harder to smile everyday. N u can say that I keep my distance even though Iím the cheerful friendly type in front of people. To me, if I stay away from people, they couldnít hurt me, and I couldnít do the same to them. I donít trust people, because I know, people tend to disappoint. I pretend everyday to satisfy people around me, butÖ
Iím sorry . there just too much, I need some time to think carefully, and write another of my ridiculous complaints.
I'm sory, I know I may not hv big problems and mayb Iím overly sensitive but, I just wanted to get this of my chest. Thatís y, I hope you can keep ur thoughts to urself after reading this. Donít get me wrong, Iím not trying to be rude butÖwell, u know what I mean.
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I have pretty well shut everyone but my family out. Tired of being the nice and being s*** on. I don't even care for some of my family. But then again I like being alone. There's nothing like a sunset with your own thoughts Your not alone in this.
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