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Anybody else hate driving?

Seriously, **** driving. Today I was driving to the gym and some teenage kid nearly crashed into me after he drove past a stop sign. The only reason we didn't collide was because I stepped on the brakes as soon as I saw his car. His car still scraped mine a bit as it was passing. I stopped and got out of my car angry as ****, and I started walking towards his car, but then I saw that he was like maybe 16-17 and was driving with an older woman(possibly his mom). Maybe he was learning how to drive. He clearly felt bad about what happened and was yelling he was sorry and asked me if I was okay. I then looked at my car and noticed it was only a minor scratch, said **** it, got back in my car and left. Nothing terrible happened but it really ruined my day.

The only reason I drive is because I live in a somewhat isolated mountainous area, but I seriously hate it. I always hear people saying things like "driving is great, it makes me feel so independent" or "it's so relaxing, just put on some music and drive wherever you want " and I honestly can't relate to any of that.

Am I the only one that hates driving?
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Strange, was just thinking about this. I used to love driving. Don't necessarily dislike it now, just have gotten used to not doing it as much. Driving more than 20 mins feels long nowadays lol. My hour drive once a week feels like hell.

This coming from someone who used to regularly drive 3 hrs across states and had no problem doing a few 8 hr drives. I've just gotten out of the habit since I haven't had a reason to do long distances in the last 2 years.

On enhanced mobile I don't receive notifications besides pms. Apologies if I don't respond.

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I passed my test about 5 years ago and haven't driven since. Driving makes me feel so incredibly anxious. There's some nutters out on the road, and I don't exactly trust myself to drive either. It's so easy to get into accidents.

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I hate driving, too. It makes me very anxious. I worry about hitting other people, about other people hitting me, about my car getting a flat tire or some other mechanical failure when I'm away from home (which has happened to me multiple times over the past few years), about accidentally leaving my lights on after I park. Everything about cars and driving causes me endless anxiety.

What's worse is that I commute 30-45 minutes each way to work every day.

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I love driving and cars. What I hate is the road rage.

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I like driving ok, my job is driving, it's some people I meet on the road I don't particularly like, plenty of inconsiderate self absorbed idiots out there.

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Nah, I love driving. Never had a car growing up, so I'm grateful for mine now and I couldn't live without it.

However, there are many things I hate about driving. People who don't indicate - is it really that hard to flick a switch? People who actively stop people from merging onto the road. Buddy, don't speed up or slow down to stop him/her from joining, just change lanes or maintain speed, stop being awkward. I guess it boils down to that for me: people who aren't courteous on the roads. And impatience!
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My anxiety is bad so haven't drove in over a year....transportation is my biggest issue nowadays.

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I quite like driving, just not when other people are driving. Too many people seem to drive like they've had too much caffeine or like they've forgotten how to drive properly, and of course there can be too many people driving. So at night time I like driving the most, but during rush hour I hate driving.
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Kind of damned if you do damned if you don't. Driving and cars are a big hassle and very dangerous. Expensive to boot. I don't like how you can't really predict all the expenses involved in car ownership. You never know when it's going to break down or when you will get into an accident. It's like gambling. Could get lucky and only spend $200 per month on your car for years or you might have to spend $4,000 if something breaks. Makes budgeting difficult.

But public transportation....can be really, really bad. Like say you miss a bus by 1 minute and that bus only comes every 30 minutes, then you will be stuck there waiting for 30 minutes. Now you might think that won't happen to you since you will arrive at your bus stop early. The problem happens when you have to do a transfer from one bus line to another. If the first bus is late or encounters bad traffic, then you may end up missing your transfer by 30 seconds. Happened to me.

Sometimes the bus is really late and you are stuck waiting forever. Finally a bus arrives and it's packed to the gills so you have to stand on a vehicle that makes jerking stops every other minute. Some people say that it's nice to be able to just read a book while commuting (vs driving). They don't realize that much of the time you have to stand. Sometimes after waiting forever, when the bus finally comes it passes the stop because there is no more room. It really pisses me off when that happens. That's got to be one of the frustrating things in life.

In NYC, they do track maintenance on the weekends. OMG. They will skip certain stops going in one direction. So either you have to get off at a different stop and walk 20-30 minutes OR you get off on a different stop and take another train going in the opposite direction where you came from. Basically it can make a 25 minute trip into a 45 minute trip.

And there are lots of crazy people on the bus- homeless drug addicts with untreated schizophrenia who haven't bathed in several months talking to themselves. Sometimes you will see empty subway cars in NYC when all the rest of the cars are packed. Don't get on the empty one....there's always a reason why it's empty..... Either someone super crazy screaming like a nutcase or a homeless that has **** and pissed his pants and is taking a nap on one of the benches. And the SMELL!!!
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It is said to drive like everyone is a bad driver on the road and you'll keep yourself safe.

Also avoid peak times of the day (morning, lunch in middle of day, rush hour in afternoon) as the worst drivers come out at those times. Tired from work or other.

You do know when it is going to break as the car manufacturer has been through that and have recommended service schedules when parts are meant to be replaced. That is why they do hours and hours of testing, sometimes in other countries, on racetracks, etc.

Most of that feedback is for constant updates on the production line. Most know you buy a later year of that model as has most of the updates from that testing.

What makes them break is poor maintenance (not following the service schedules), driving them while poorly maintained or outside what they were designed for. Maintain, drive it properly and should have less problems.

If modified or on racetrack you ignore the factory service schedules.

I love driving, redesigning parts on cars to perform better.
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I like driving. I'm good at it (aside from parking), and it helps distract me from my, erm, life. The only reason I use public transport at all, let alone for the bulk of my travel, is because it is dramatically less expensive than running a car. Plus my city isn't that big yet the public transport network is quite comprehensive, so it's rarely particularly busy. Just try and avoid school times.

I can understand why people don't like driving, though. Peak hour traffic is nightmare fuel and accidents you see on TV can paint a pretty dire picture of the risks.
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i used to drive. and i did like it, especially longer trips. around town not so much. but i was a little careless about it. had a couple of really minor accidents. got older and wiser and realised the cost in $, road deaths, pollution, health, etc. are not worth it if there is an alternative. and there is for me. but yeah the feeling when going on a road trip was nice, freeing.

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It took a very, VERY long while for me to finally get the hang of it, and as a result, I don't really mind it as much anymore.
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I hated it at first, but I love it now. It's so calming for me, especially at night. Night driving is so good.

Busier times of the day can be kinda jarring, especially if I gotta go through a big city.

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Sounds like you've got it rough @Zatch
Originally Posted by Chevy396 View Post
I don't believe you at all about the taste. You are vegan anyway, so how would you know what meat tastes like. I get sick of vegans saying it tastes the same and then you bite into it and it's horrible.
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noodles. NOODLES
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my way to gym years ago... knocked off bike by car door mirror

these peripheral stuff. he said i was far out from kerb...

i have full experience of riding & car..

i never press traffic stop buttons. i sit on bike head-up-in-clouds.. sleeping... mouth open.. awaiting some gap to advantage / exploit time

same some coincidental zebrahh crossing for supermarket... i wait for them. my life is about speed... not.. winninngg. just give way! Rrrrresspeccct! me 100% 50:50 compromise. yesterday Sun on bike, cars left & right of me: they wave hands toward road gesture. i dislike overtaking riders... acccceler888te - gap - or wait behind.. just all avoid collision 100%+

lovely-jubly for me with huge vast gaps on main trunk roads at red light. i exploit the wait - not controlled by me. i can go opposite way, crossing road conveniency. every crossroads frantic owl-style speed stare 90 for any oncoming... straight thru if clear.. no brakes! can't always see light colours as drivers see. until venturing 90 into road.. when see their red... GO..!! across
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I used to enjoy driving when I was younger but nowadays I do find it a bit tiring. Sometimes my wife brings her car into the city and I'll go and pick it up and take it back to her place to save her parking it all day.

The last time was very stressful - so much traffic nowadays in Melbourne and everyone's driving like lunatics. Plus I wasn't actually feeling very well that day - not a good idea. Next time we'll just have to put it into a carpark for the day.
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It use to be one of the few things that actually relaxes me, until I started losing confidence in my car. Now every time I drive it, I am in high stress and anxiety mode. Like I am transporting a highly unstable nuclear bomb.

Enjoy any good things, even the little and menial ones, as you will never know what impending distresses could descend upon you in a moment.
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A well executed pit manauver tends to help with my depression and seems to reduce anxiety.
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Originally Posted by komorikun View Post
In NYC, they do track maintenance on the weekends. OMG. They will skip certain stops going in one direction. So either you have to get off at a different stop and walk 20-30 minutes
If there's anything good about that, I would say that at least NYC was designed for pedestrians more than places like where I live. Where I live there just aren't any sidewalks on most roads and there's barely even any place to walk in the side of the road without literally being ON the road. The main road here that runs through the busy part is just a big highway with no sidewalks and heavily traveled by high speed traffic. You're literally taking your life in your hands if you try to cross it on foot. I have seen people crossing it on foot and narrowly escape being plowed by cars going 70 MPH and not even slowing down even though they saw them.

I have also seen people cross that road at night. Which is really dangerous because it's not well lit and you can't see pedestrians until you're right on them. There were a couple of people who ran right in front of me one night and it was just luck they didn't get hit because I did not see them. And neither did my dad. They just jumped out like deer. It was like they came out of the weeds

Now I avoid driving at night because there's more of that on that road than there used to be. I think people around here are starting to lose their jobs and stuff and can't afford cars as much. I never remember that happening when I used to drive that road at night all the time in 2004ish.

I would probably actually get out and walk more if I knew I could go just about anywhere and always be on a sidewalk. But point taken. When you NEED to be somewhere and you have to rely on public transit, you're obviously going to get delayed and put up with unpredictability sooner or later.


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