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anxiety, as you know, sucks...

i just look around at the millions of other people my age, and they all are on a nice normal track of life, where they are dating, socializing, and having fun. i felt so depressed by all my anxieties, and looking at where my life was headed, plus some other problems, that i had to leave college for the term. i am an incredibly smart person, but i can't even focus on school like other people because of all this!! i could be an A student easily if i could only find my focus again

and i KNOW that i am one of the nicest, most open minded, nonjudgmental people that you will ever meet, but people just can't see past my shell. it makes me want to cry sometimes. i look at all of these mean guys treating their girlfriends terribly, and i can't even get the time of day with these girls, even though i know in my heart that i could be the breath of fresh air that they would be looking for. i am a really fun person, and i am always down for new activities, and i have a lot of adventure in my heart, but i am held back so much.

Once you give up all hope is when you have truly lost.
-A great friend
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Re: anxiety, as you know, sucks...

I feel you. Ya always seems that most people our age (I'm 19 too) are out having fun, going out with their friends all the time, partying, and just living a completely carefree sorta life. I am exactly the person u described urself to be, really down-to-earth, and open and non judgemental of people. It absoultely drives me nuts how all these loud, obnoxious people can be so noticed. But most people wont give SA sufferers the time of day, to even get to kno who they really are. If they would take the time to get to know someone on the quieter side, I bet they will be glad they did because most of us are very kind-hearted. I am exactly the same don't feel alone

Take care
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Re: anxiety, as you know, sucks...

and i KNOW that i am one of the nicest, most open minded, nonjudgmental people that you will ever meet, but people just can't see past my shell. it makes me want to cry sometimes.
Maybe you should be more aware of you, than others. Too nice to others equates in not being nice to yourself, IMO. I like that adventurous spirit!!

Anxiety-free since a quarter a' three...
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