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Anxiety and Genetics.

So I had a thought. It's slightly comforting but, at the same time its not. I've been anxious and apprehensive since I can remember. I had a rough childhood, but I don't think it was anything that would of left me with any serious emotional scarring. Standard alcoholism, divorce, etc.. - probably the norm these days. I've seen people in similar conditions turn out just fine, so I definitely can't chalk up all my issues to that. My mom is anxious and has panic attacks, so does my sis, it is obviously something that's been inherited. So I'm just naturally anxious, sucks, whatever.

In the past, conditions were obviously more tough for people, think about our ancient ancestors for a second, I mean, they had it rough. If you believe in natural selection, (stay with me a second, religious peeps) then traits that aid in a organism's survival are passed down, and undesirable traits are eventually phased out. I think our ancestors survived because they were weary an anxious. It seems to me it would of been a very desirable trait just maybe not on a social level. So what I'm trying to say is - everyone here is a result of billions of years worth of successes. We are all the most well equipped individuals we can be.

So there's that.
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Cautiousness is a good thing if you want to avoid getting stung, clawed, bitten, eaten, etc. I'd bet there was some push and pull evolutionarily speaking when it came to anxiety. The super-cautious and super-anxious people put themselves into fewer dangerous situations, but they also probably had more trouble finding new sources of food, shelter, etc. due to this.

"They had to laugh, otherwise it would be too terrifying." -Bukowski
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Sometimes I think that way, too. I'm a creationist (I sure hope I don't start a debate here) but I do believe in the mechanism of natural selection.

I for one am a natural born outdoorsman, and I wonder if it is related. Sometimes in wild animals I see aspects of my own anxieties. It is not unnatural to have a fear of people (heck, millions of people have died because of a lack of this fear). Maybe it is in some ways a useful thing. If I am nervous around people, it should heighten my reflexes should someone try to mug me, for example.

That is an interesting concept. I wonder if anyone has done a study on it.
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