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Anxiety about going to work...

I was recently transferred departments at work, had to do 2 weeks of training with 8 other people who are in the same position as me. It's a similar job but with 13 more programs to use, more screaming customers, and some calls can range from a half hour to two hours. Same pay, more work. I can't be on the phone that long for one person, it stresses me out too much. And, I hate the fact we're being listened to, and get in trouble for any little mistake. As soon as I found out what I'm going to have to do...all the tasks that will make this job worse...I've been a nervous wreck.

I've gone through the job sites every other day and made a ton of applications but haven't heard back from anyone. It's driving me crazy.

I was handling the stress and anxiety fine during the two week training period but now it's been getting to me. I was supposed to go in for work on Monday but I got sun stroke so I used that as an excuse to call in sick. I wasn't exactly lying but I probably could have functioned. yesterday was my day off so tomorrow I have to start everything tomorrow.

It's making me really anxious just thinking about it. I know I won't like it because I didn't like the job in the other dept, which is the same thing but now there's more work, we have to make outbound calls (which I didn't have to before) and we have to email different departments now. Bosses and the company managers monitor emails so if we make a mistake in the font we use it's "VERY bad" according to our trainer.

I'm so stressed and annoyed that I was forced to do this job. I want to quit so bad but I still can't find other work. ...sorry, just venting...
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What do you do for work? sounds like some sort of customer support or something? id never be able to handle that personally i cant listen to rude customers talking to me like that and have to just take it and continue to help them

Sometimes I feel like the world is my weakness, like I can only turn to God for my worries and sins...
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Wow...that sucks. It's cool you're looking for something else.
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You have to look at it as discipline, I guess. The job is going to sound overwhelming at first because you are getting an overall view. You will have time to get to know the job. Rome wasn't built in a day .

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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