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Analogies for SA!

Hi everyone! Wasn't sure where to post this so I settled on the Frustration section, though I hope it might provide a few laughs and cheer you up if you've had a bad day

Recently, I was having a conversation with myself about the process of making friends when you're shy (and yes, these conversations are a freakishly regular occurence lol ) and I came up with a personal analogy to summarise the problem.

To me, SA is like a great iceberg which I am encased in everywhere I go. People, including myself, emit warm rays of 'personality' which, when directed at me, begin to melt the ice. The problem is, it takes a LONG time to melt an iceberg, and most people don't have the patience to keep it up , so the ice never melts, and I remain cut off behind a cold wall. The few friends who have melted the whole block have gotten to know the me inside, proving it only takes a little patience and commitment!

So, how about you guys - what does SA feel like to you? Be as creative as you like!

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good topic!!!!

To me sa is like a very very loud song playing in your ear and your unable to concentrate on anything else because of it.. You may like the song , in which case , you dont want to hear anything else ( or change). Or u hate it and want to change but cant becasue the the earbuds are superglued to your ears!!!!!!!!

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It's like this dense fog, and you can go in a million different directions, but you don't know which ones will lead you out of the fog, and which ones will just make the smoke thicker til you can't even breath any more, so you just stay where you are.

This might be more of a metaphor for my GAD and depression than SA. hmmm....
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Good one.

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